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Shameless featured a T&A scene from Stephanie Fantauzzi.


Camilla Luddington

Sarah Power

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


"Strike Back: Project Dawn"

1080p film clips

Part 7

Natalia Avelon


Following Spaz's identification of one of the prostitutes as Ildiko Ferenczi I have redone the first two collages of The Ranch to identify her. Interestingly, when I first did the collages a while ago her name wasn't listed in the IMDB credits.





Another new Australian film today.

Jucy is a comedy about two best friends Jackie (Cindy Nelson) and Lucy (Francesca Gasteen) who are about to have a rapture in their 'womance'. Both girls work at a video store in Brisbane and are active in the local amateur theatre group and seem to be just enamoured with the cast after party than the play itself. Jackie has a crush on Alex (Ryan Johnson), a dippy wannabe method actor but oh so handsome and when he comes with the news of a new play casting of Jane Eyre everything looks to be going great. Then Jackie goes off her meds. Then Alex goes off with another actress. And Lucy gets the lead. At the same time, Lucy is given an ultimatum by her sister to get her life together by first giving up acting, which she in no way wants to do. It about to get messy for this 'womance'. Alright, first off, I hate these new turns like BFF and 'bromance/womance' and all that other bullshit, so I probably should hate this film. But like the director's previous film, All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane, in which most of the same people are involved in Jucy, it's a film that does it's darnedest to win you over. Jucy is not perfect, but is winning and fun and impossible to dismiss.

Sarah Kennedy film clip (sample below)

and some Cindy Nelson non-nude collages



Liza Del Sierra in Villa Captive (2011) in 720p

Ines Efron in XXY (2007) in 720p

today's Italian exploitation classic: Janet Agren in Chi Dice Donna (1976)


The Heather Morris cell phone hacks