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Emanuelle in Bangkok


Back to "Emanuelle in Bangkok".

More from Laura Gemser as she shows off her perky tits to some lucky dude in these caps and a clip.

Then a couple of unknowns doing the all full frontal thing on the stage and check out the chick with the ping pong ball. Caps with a clip.


(Still more to come)


TV Land

Over in TV Land Tina Fey and Eva Longoria both looking hot on "The Marriage Ref". Caps with an HD clip.








The Gauntlet


Sondra Locke 1920x1080 film clip (caps below)





Wicked Love

(2010, Australia TV)

Maya Elliott (aka Maya Stange) and Penni Gray film clips (collages below)

Maya Elliott (Stange)


Penni Gray




Freja Erichsen

Laura Harris in "The Faculty"

JoBeth Williams in Kramer vs Kramer

Marie Luv in Zane's Sex Chronicles


Johanna Quintero in Zane's Sex Chronicles

Sara Jean Underwood in Bridget's sexiest Beaches

Valeria Golino in Immortal Beloved


Film Clips