Platon is a recent Russian movie about the new Russia, in which there is much money to be made by those amoral enough to do what needs to be done. The lead character (Platon) is a young, clean-cut pimp who takes willing, bored girls out of the small towns of Russia and imports them to Moscow as upscale hookers. The entrepreneur gets himself in trouble when he gets his personal life and his business life jumbled. He puts himself in a compromising situation that allows a rich sheik to marry Lyuba, the one girl Platon cares for. The sheik does reward Platon handsomely, so the pimp then spends a lot of time trying to forget his error by having sex, enjoying a massive amount of money, and staring soulfully into the middle distance. The cures do not work, and he still wants Lyuba back, so he approaches the sheik with a proposal ... only to find out that he is too late.

In other words, it seems like a semi-ambitious Italian film from the 70s, with the usual implied message about how amoral behavior, no matter how lucrative, always leaves the anti-hero alone and unhappy.

Yeah, whatever. As faux-Connery would say on Celebrity Jeopardy, "I'll take alone, unhappy, and wealthy for $1000, Alex. And while you're at it, kiss my Finzi-Contini, and don't use your teeth."

It's a competent film, but one of no special merit, and there are no new wrinkles other than that the Mastroianni role is now played by a present-day Russian, and the part of Rome is played by Moscow.

There is some nice nudity from the woman who plays Lyuba, Yelizaveta Lotova. In the first part of this clip, she barely shows her breasts, then there is some unrelated plot development, then (finally) some nice looks at her shapely bottom.

Here are some of the party girls that Platon turns to when he's trying to forget Lyuba.



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Wedding Crashers


(Uncorked edition)

1920x820 clip of the montage sequence. Samples below.










The Time Machine goes back to the eighties for Deborah Harry in Videodrome. Don't blink or you miss the nipple and then Deborah burns herself with a cigarette in these caps and HD clip.




TV Land


Over in TV Land we have Heidi Klum showing off her new bra in this "Victoria Secret" commercial. Caps and HD clip.


Plus a little extra with Tina Fey showing a little cleavage helping Jimmy Fallon launch his new show last week.








Notes and collages


Season 6, episode 4

Rose McGowan








Paz Vega, aka Penelope Cruz, version 2

Julia Rosa Stockl in Dead in Three Days

same movie, Nadja Vogel


Film Clips

Ashley Jones in Dead at 17

The women of Baton Rouge are two of our long-time faves: Carmen Maura and Victoria Abril. In fact, I believe they were the entire Spanish film industry in 1988.

Ioana Iacob in Der gekoepfte Hahn

Lucelia Santos in Luz Del Fuego. Obscure but interesting 1982 film from Brazil, a biography of a controversial, eccentric Brazilian artist named Luz del Fuego. The movie's tagline is her famous slogan, "Todo Mundo Nu! (Everyone get naked!)," so you know it's our kind of film. She was naked for at least twenty minutes of running time, as reflected in this very long clip.

Maike Hoehne in Esmas Geheimnis

Tanya Roberts in Fingers. Same movie: Tisa Farrow and Carole Francis. Tisa is Mia Farrow's younger sister (by some six years). I was just wondering - suppose you're in love with Mia Farrow and you want to know if you are her type. She was married to Frank Sinatra and was with Woody Allen for 12 years. What could her "type" possibly be.

The women of Gott schuetzt die Liebenden: Nina Proll and Sabrina Kruschwitz