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Sexual Awakenings


Sexual Awakenings is a softcore sex film. A married woman (Amber Michaels) has a best friend (Holly Hollywood) who likes to have sex with her old boyfriends, and has a desire to be a nude cover girl. That should be easy, as she has the looks, and her hubby was a noted figure photographer before something turned him off to the business. Turns out what turned him off was his last model (Alana Evans), who had an affair with him, the married a rich industrialist. Alana would now like him back with her industrialist dead, and shows up at his gallery to try and buy the photos he shot of her, which he has always refused to sell.

That is pretty much the entire plot.

I know the above sounds simplistic, but that is a great word to describe this film, which has almost a complete lack of plot and character development. First, we meet Amber and her husband. Then we watch 15 minutes of Holly Hollywood having sex with one of her ex boyfriends. She and Amber do aerobics while we meet Holly, then she shows her breasts and explains her cover girl plan to Amber. Then she has sex with her current boyfriend. We then see Holly have sex with hubby's business partner, then, in a flashback, with hubby. Finally, hubby decides to photograph his wife. so they have sex.

The five sex scenes last about fifteen minutes each, thus accounting for some 75 minutes of the 84 minutes of running time. That leaves nine minutes for opening credits, closing credits, and the entire alleged plot.

This film has escaped the notice of IMDb entirely, and the only review I found on the net talks about falling asleep during the film.

Stacey Leigh Mobley (Holly Hollywood) 30

Amber Michaels 24

Alana Evans









Cougar Club


(Pictures missing from yesterday's edition.)

More of Nicole Rayburn exposing her "Tiny Tots" and then letting a dude feel her up.




Rumor Has It


Sexy Jennifer Aniston shows some side-boob in this recent Rob Reiner movie in which Aniston finds out that her family inspired The Graduate. Caps and a brief clip.








Notes and collages

Live Wire


Lisa Eilbacher

Version 1


Version 2



1) this film promotion features "the first terrorist attack on the U.S.A." in 1992

2) Ms. Eilbacher's sex scene with Pierce Brosnan looks to be without a body double; yay Ms. Eilbacher. I have had a crush on her since "Beverly Hills Cop."

3) note: I created some alternative collages in blue for aesthetic reasons






Some pics

Mr Skin did a series from The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous

Kate Byers

Sandra Reinton

Rhona Mitra



Paparazzi pics of Holly Davidson (Sadie Frost's sister - and look-alike, at least in the outdoor pics)


France's first lady Carla Bruni - big-ass topless scans
Diane Heidkruger (you know her as Diane Kruger, who played Helen of Troy in the Brad Pitt version)
Isild Le Besco in Backstage
Mischa Barton, side-boob
Mischa Barton in the O in Ohio
Ziyi Zhang (Crouching Tiger) in Legend of the Black Scorpion

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