The Wolf Hour

2020, 1080hd

Naomi Watts

Erzgebirgskrimi: Toedlicher Akkord
new TV movie, 720p

Odine Johne


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Cheap Thrills

2013, 1920x800


 (US version)

I did this show a couple of years ago but for some reason I didn’t do the fourth season. This completes the show. There’s no nudity, just women in their underwear.

Episode 2 Mistaken Identity (2016)

Jes Macallan

Episode 3 Under Pressure (2016)

Jes Macallan

Episode 4 Blurred Lines (2016)

Rochelle Aytes

The 1960s

Love is Colder Than Death


Hanna Schygulla

10:30 P.M. Summer


Isabel Maria Perez



Joanna Shimkus

The Suicide Theory

2014, 1080hd

The Suicide Theory is a thriller where a disfigured man hires a hit man to kill him except there's one big issue with that. He can't be killed. The disfigured man has a theory he wants to try out to finally die and over time they become friends despite the hit man killing him multiple times. It turns out that there's a series of incidents that connect the two and that the hit man is the key to killing the disfigured man, just not in the way he expected. A lot going on in this movie and has fairly intriguing premise that is pulls off quite well. A decent surprise.

Erin Connor film clip (capture)


Lola Le Lann in A Bluebird in my Heart (2018) in 1080hd

Lilith Stangenberg in Idioten Der Familie (2017) in 1080hd

Jade Anderson in Deviant (2017) in 1080hd

Holly Hunter in Strange Weather (2016) in 1080hd

Emma Thompson in Imagining Argentina (2003) in 1080hd

Bella Thorne

Bella and Dani Thorne