Follow-up to OZ's post on The Life and Death of Peter Sellers.

The Region 1 DVD did have some nudity, but only in a deleted scene in the special features.

The actress is Emilia Fox, playing Sellers' last wife, Lynne Frederick.

And here's one more of Heidi Klum's kinda-sorta nudity as Ursula Andress

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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


"Strike Back: Project Dawn"

1080p film clips

Part 5

Rachel Shelley


The Love Boat

The Love Boat ran for about 10 years, from 1977 to 1987. There was no nudity but pokies and cleavage were in abundance. For those who came in late, each episode usually consists of three stories. Two-part episodes sometimes consisted of four or five stories. The characters and The Love Boat's crew generally work within one of those stories.

These collages cover the first half of the seventh season and were first screened in 1983 and 1984.

The Love Boat S7 E1 The China Cruise / Pledge / East Meets West / Dear Roberta / My Two Dumplings / Part 1

Erin Moran - cleavage

Lauren Tewes - cleavage

Linda Evans - nice

Patricia Klous - cleavage

Susan Anton - nice

Ursula Andress - nice

The Love Boat S7 E2 The China Cruise / Pledge / East Meets West / Dear Roberta / My Two Dumplings / Part 2

Erin Moran - nice

Linda Evans - nice

Patricia Klous - nice

Susan Anton - pokies

Ursula Andress - nice

The Love Boat S7 E3 Bricker's Boy / Lotions of Love / The Hustlers

Constance Forslund - sexy

Lydia Cornell - bikini

Unknown - bikini

The Love Boat S7 E4 Prisoner of Love / Youth Takes a Holiday / Don't Leave Home Without It

Beth Howland - nice

Heather Locklear - bikini

Lauren Tewes - pokies

The Love Boat S7 E5 Rhino of the Year / One Last Time / For Love or Money

Donna Pesco - nice

Lauren Tewes - cleavage

Stella Stevens - cleavage

The Love Boat S7 E6 Friend of the Family / Affair on Demand / Just Another Pretty Face

Deborah Shelton - sexy

Kim Lankford - cleavage

Unknown - bikini

The Love Boat S7 E7 The Japan Cruise / When Worlds Collide / The Captain and the Geisha / The Lottery Winners Part 1

Heather Thomas - very sexy cleavage

Scoop's note: Heather has not worked in somethign like 15 years, but is allegedly in a new film called "Girltrash: All Night Long." I guess she was just waiting for that perfect script.

OZ's collages from this show, especially that first one with the semi-transparent bikini top, are the closest she ever came to getting naked in her prime, even though she had arguably the best body of her generation. She did get naked (showing one breast very briefly) in a crappy movie about 7 years after this Love Boat appearance, but by then she was merely excellent, no longer spectacular.
Lauren Tewes - nice

Mariette Hartley - nice

Nancy Morgan - cleavage

Rita Moreno - nice

The Love Boat S7 E8 The Japan Cruise / When Worlds Collide / The Captain and the Geisha / The Lottery Winners Part 2

Heather Thomas - sexy

Nancy Morgan - nice

The Love Boat S7 E9 Long Time No See / The Bear Essence / Kisses and Makeup

Crystal Bernard - cleavage

Jan Smithers - sexy

Randi Oakes - nice

Unknown - nice

The Love Boat S7 E10 Julie and the Bachelor / Intensive Care / Set Up for Romance

Cristina Raines - nice

Lauren Tewes - cleavage

Patricia Carr - nice

Penny Fuller - cleavage

Unknown - bikinis

The Love Boat S7 E11 The Misunderstanding / Love Below Decks / The End Is Near

Delta Burke - cleavage

Morgan Brittany - cleavage

The Love Boat S7 E12 Dee Dee's Dilemma / Julie's Blind Date / The Prize Winner

Abby Dalton - cleavage

Lauren Tewes - pokies

Leslie Easterbrook - cleavage

Markie Post - sexy

The Love Boat S7 E13 For Better or Worse / Buck Stops Here, The / Bet on It

JoAnn Pflug - cleavage

Leah Ayres - cleavage

The Love Boat S7 E14 No More Alimony / How Do I Love Thee / Authoress Authoress

Christie Claridge - sexy

Michelle Phillips - nice

Vixen Highway 2006: It Came from Uranus!


Sadly this gem wasn't nominated for an Oscar or even a Canadian Genie at least week's ceremonies. Despite the title there were no Klingons in this movie.

Alyssa Nicole Pallett: arms over huge boobs.

Deanna Prall: nude shower scene.

Hidden 3D


An Alan Smithee production written by his bastard brood Alan and Alana Smithy. Even the director had his name removed from this stinker.

Bjanka Murgel: cleavage.

BONUS: arms-over-boobs modeling pic of Bjanka Murgel,

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Fae-nted Love" (s2e18)

The season two finale is April 1.

Anna Silk: another nude booty call.

"Durham County"

episode: "Family Day" (s3e2)

This is the only scene worth capping from the season 3 DVD box set.

Laurence Leboeuf: cleavage in brassiere.


episode: "Alina Minkute" (s2e01)

Season two premiere with the obligatory investigation of a strip club.

strippers: underwear and a ridiculous fully clothed sex scene.

"Arctic Air"

episode: "The Professional" (s1e08)

Kandyse McClure: showing little as possible in sex scene.

stripper: buns.

episode: "New North" (s1e09)

Leah Gibson: nice bikini, naughty sex pics.

Emilie Ullerup: partial boob in sex scene.

stripper: first in angel costume then in devil costume.
(Next episode should be a stewardess costume)

lesbian: bit of lesbian action.

hottub girls: bikini.


episode: "Human" (s2e08; season two finale)

Lucie Guest: very sexy in dress but as stripper she never stripped.

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: "Mirror, Mirror" (s3e09)

Julia Taylor Ross & Krystin Pellerin: catfight


le tv series (s1e08)

Episode 8 of this series is the hottest episode that aired in Quebec this television season.

Myriam LeBlanc: some boob but mostly butt.

"B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye"

web series (s3e01)

Season three of the lesbian detective series started last week,

Kimwun Perehinec: cleavage,

In the news...

On international wimmin's day last week this Dutch Canadian model who's  the winner of Holland's Next Top Model won a lawsuit when she sued the Elite international modelling agency who withheld her prize money saying that her butt is too big.

Ananda Marchildon



Mona Walravens in A tort ou a raison, s2e4, 720p

Rebecca Hall in The Awakening (2011) in 1080p

Jae-hwa Kim in The Yellow Sea

Adelaide Leroux in Cigarettes et Bas Nylons (2010) in 1080p

Gilla Novak in Il Camorrista in 1986


Russian fashion model Elena Melnik

Bai Ling at the beach

Mary Sanchez in The Curse Of La Llorona

The best look you and I are ever going to get at Natalie Portman's bumhole

Carmen Du Sautoy in "Lost Empires," e3

Carmen Du Sautoy in "Lost Empires," e4