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Emmanuelle in Bangkok


Today we have more of Laura Gemser in "Emanuelle in Bangkok", Laura gets in the sack with her guy and then some lucky dude gets to give her naked body a massage. Caps with 2 clips.



The Quick and the Dead


Sharon Stone with a quick flash of tit in "The Quick and the Dead". Caps with an HD clip.



TV Land

Over in TV land Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her great legs on "The View". Caps and an HD clip.




Shallow Grave


This was the theatrical directorial debut of Danny Doyle (Slumdog Millionaire)

Kerry Fox 1920x1080 film clip (caps below)




Sorority Row


Inspired by 1983's The House on Sorority Row, and tons of other "I Know What You Did..." type movies, 2009's Sorority Row brings absolutely nothing new to the party, and is extremely predictable and doesn't really stand out in any way. The nudity is nice, but blink twice and you'll miss it; it is very brief.

In the middle of a prank being played by a group of sorority sisters, things suddenly go horribly wrong leading to the death of one of the group. They decide to cover it up, since it was truly an accident, and none of the survivors wants to be held accountable.

Months later as they prepare to graduate, mysterious messages begin appearing on their cell phones and then, one by one, the sisters begin to die horrible deaths.

This movie is truly a case of been there, done that. It doesn't seem to possess even one original idea, so it is for hard-core gore fans only ... and even the gore isn't outstanding. The caps are from the Blu-ray version.

Deja Kreutzberg Melissa Lukon Nicole Moore


Coco (from her Twitter page)

Jessica Lange


Romy Schneider

Sandra Ahrabian


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