TV Recap

Lena Dunham was topless again last night on Girls, s3e10

check out Defoe's French clips for the latest from Section de Recherche

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Leeanna Walsman

Ra Chapman


Defoe's clips o' the week:

Maud Buquet in Section de Recherche (s8e4) in 1080p

Lea Tissier in Victor Vaudou (short vid, 2014) in 1080p

Judith Chemla in Tout est Permis (2014; TV) in 1080p

Lucile Krier and Adeline Kohl in 3 Femmes en Colere (2013; TV) in 1080p

Kate Moran, Cecile Martinez and Julie Bremond in Les Rencontres d'Apres Minuit (2013) in 1080p

Clara Augarde in Un Poison Violent (2010) in 1080p



TV/Film Clips

The women of Dame de cendres (2014) in 720p

Alexandra Simon

Gwenda Guthwasser

Valerie Decobert-Koretzky


Juliette Lamboley in La cite rose (2013) in 1080p

Shannon Whirry in Private Obsession (1995). Poor quality vids, but nice nudity. She was one of my personal fave back in the 90s, when there was still a market for erotic B movies. Where is she now? Damned if I know, although I'm kinda bummed that she turns 50 this year. Wikipedia says, "In 2007 she appeared on a BBC TV mini-series, Nuclear Secrets, playing Kitty Oppenheimer, the wife of Robert Oppenheimer." I reckon ol' Kitty Oppenheimer must have had some great boobs on 'er.


From the vault of obscurity:

Various Hungarian chicks who must all be senior citizens now, seen in Red Palm (1972)