Interesting e-mail from Tall Paul:

"Other Crap linked to a news story about Tera Myers, the high school science teacher in St. Louis who was fired because of her past as a porn actress. Her nom de porn was Rikki Anderson or Andersin scribal sources differ. Here are three captures from her breakthrough performance in Tight Ass 4.

In the interests of maintaining the taste standards of the Fun House, I refrained from capturing the more explicit scenes, including an extensive DP. Also because the camera work was so crappy."

(Scoop's note: I didn't even know we had any taste standards!)


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Slaughterhouse 5


Valerie Perrine film clips (captures below)



Dead Easy


Dead Easy is a 1982 thriller set in Sydney, mainly around Kings Cross, about a wannabe entrepreneur George (Scott Burgess. Scott Burgess as a leading man? Really...? The 80s were weird) who meets Alex (Rosemary Paul), a prostitute/junkie, who he wants to make a star. George is desperate to get a club going with showgirls being the attraction, but he is thwarted at every turn, either by a lack of funds, a ramshackle show and an ambitious cop who is desperate to shut him down. George falls for Alex and tries to help her out. And a whole heap of other stuff is thrown in with gangsters and corrupt police etc. etc. This film is hard to pin down. It's plot is all over the place. One moment a thriller, the next showing signs of a musical, the next a romantic drama and then back again. It's even more jumbled than the 3rd Underbelly series which was set on the same streets. I would love to tell how it all ends up, but I can't figure it out. All this in only 80 minutes, including credits. Well, the best I can say is at least it's an interesting mess of a film.

Rosemary Paul film clip (collages below)

Helen Hampton film clip



Film Clips

Emma Booth in Pelican Blood, "A love story set in the world of obsessive birdwatchers." (2010; see below)

Stine Fischer Christensen in Smukke mennesker (2010; see below)

Corynne Heads in Slave (2009; see below)

Natassia Malthe in Slave (2009; see below)

Catarina Murino in The Garden of Eden (2008; see below)

Mena Suvari in The Garden of Eden (2008; see below)

Paprika Steen in Den du frygter (2008; see below)

Alexa Davalos in Feast of Love (2007) in 1080p

Laura Christensen and Mette Riber Christoffersen in Razone (2006; see below)

Laura Drasbaek in Morke (2005; see below)

Kristen Bell in The King and Queen of Moonlight Bay in 720p (2003; no nudity)

Nicky Horn in Smala Sussie (2003; see below)

Tuva Novatny in Smala Sussie (2003; see below)

Maria Wurgler Rich in Sma ulykker  (2002; see below)

Tanya Jensen in Monas verden (2001; see below)

Anja Lundkvist in Tillsammans (2000; see below)

Sofie Grabol in Pelle the Conqueror (1987; see below)



Jessica White

Izabel Goulart

Britney Spears

Nicole Trunfio

Florence Thomassin in Mesrine (2008)