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Error in Judgment

Sung Hi Lee plays an artist whose boyfriend dumps her. She opens her wrist. Her boyfriend calls an ambulance, and disappears. Joanna Pacula plays a high-paid shrink who does pro bono work for the hospital and is called in to try and reach Lee, who has refused to speak. Pacula gets through, visits her at her studio, is impressed, and has a brainstorm. She tells Lee to show her art to a failing art gallery owner who happens to be her husband (Joe Mantegna). The shrink does not tell the artist that the gallery owner is her husband, and does not tell her husband about the conversation at all. Because Lee's art is wonderful, Montegna gives her a show, and nearly everything is sold before the official opening. Life seems hunky-dory for everyone.

But Pacula continues to hide her connection to the gallery owner and also continues as the artist's therapist. Problems arise. The artist discusses the show with her therapist, and adds that she is having a hot love affair with the gallery owner! Pacula believes her, and a friend she sees for her own counseling helps to convince her that hubby is cheating. Pacula hires a PI to follow them. The PI reports that nothing is going on. Obviously Lee is even more twisted than Pacula realizes, and has made up the affair. We seem to be in standard Fatal Attraction territory, except that Montagna has done nothing wrong at all.

Then the director manufactures a big red herring trying to arrange a huge surprise ending. The hot ending, which was probably the first bit of the script to be written, has Montegna pointing a gun first at one woman, then the other.

This script has many problems.

  • A reputable therapist would not have hidden her relationship with the art dealer from her patient.
  • A therapist, of all people, shouldn't immediately believe a story offered by a patient who is known to have some serious mental problems.
  • Even an art dealer with little experience handling guns would have better sense than to point a loaded gun at the woman he loved before finally pointing it at the right woman!

The ending scene posed the greatest problem. Error in Judgment is the sort of thriller that really irritates me, the kind where I feel manipulated by the director, and this is precisely the kind of contrived scene used by hack writers and directors to create artificial cinematic suspense - something that happens only in movies, not in life.

The cast did not rise above the script. It will probably raise a red flag when I tell you that a former playmate (Sung Hung Li) was probably the best thing about the film. Joanna Pacula was too passive and cold, and had no chemistry with Joseph Montegna.

At best, this is a very low C-. Only for hard-core thriller addicts.

IMDb readers say 4.9, so clearly I am not the only one unimpressed this time through.



Sung Hung Li shows breasts and buns.










Valeria Golino film festival

More of Valeria Golino today as the Time Machine bounces around  for scenes from three Movies.


First up from 1990 "Year of the Gun".


Then on to 1999 for 'Spanish Judges".


And finally Valeria still going strong on the 2005 flick "Ole !". No nudity in this one, but still sexy.








Sem Ela

A young man, Jo (Aurélien Wiik), madly in love with his twin sister Fanfan (Bérénice Bejo), is abandoned by her during a vacation in Portugal. He returns to France feeling lonely, abandoned and betrayed. He then starts a new friendship with Léonard, a neo-nazi.


Isabel Florido


Berenice Bejo









Volando Voy


Mar Regueras






Notes and collages

Demon Seed

... this film is about a sentient computer which has the hots for Ms. Julie Christie: this reminds me of Sci-Fi pulp fiction magazines from 50+ years ago with a cover image of an alien kidnapping a scantily clad woman for questionable sexually activity... first thought I would say "what would be the attraction?" but on second thought a lot of human beings have fallen in love with a lot of sheep over the years...






The Devil's Den

This 2006 action/horror/comedy will either keep you interested for 83 mindless minutes of gore and fighting (and some boobs along the way, demonstrated by Dawn Olivieri and others), or turn you off within the first five minutes.

A pair of guys on their way back from Mexico with a load of Spanish Fly decide to stop at a strip club called The Devil's Den to test out the product on some of the strippers. Things seems to go well at the start, but then take a nasty turn when the women turn into flesh-eating demons, an assassin turns up to kill one of our guys, a monster hunter emerges from the patrons to start killing the demons, and things just generally degrade into bedlam.

There's some decent fight scenes, a whole lot of gore, even some boobies flopping around, but basically, this film is for fans of maximum gore horror and over-the-top action only.









Meredith Henderson spends most of this 2006 horror film in her skivvies and provides some very nice upskirt.


A Job to Kill For

One of those bunnyboiler made-for-tv movies that airs on the Lifetime Network in the USA or the Women's "W" Network in Canada. Georgia Craig provides some partial boob and butt.


"Strange Frequency II"

Another four episodes released on DVD of the VH1 cable series. Various cleavage and pokies by:
Lindsay Sloane Marnie Alton Jody-Kay Marklew Laura Failows Stefanie von Pfetten



No More Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed

Another artsie b&w film about relationships. Nancy Sivak shows some breasts in this 2000 offering.


The Amityville Curse

Bottom of the barrel of the Amityville franchise released straight to video in 1990 and only available on DVD in Australia. Cassandra Gava flashes some nipple even though she's supposed to be wearing wearing pasties.



"Night Heat: Beauty is as Beauty Does"

Another trip in the wayback machine. Jo-Anne Bates shows some partial boob this 1987 Night Heat episode.






Missy Rayder, one of the few supermodels not carrying Tom Brady's child.


Kara Wall in Crooked

Whatever problems I have with Robert Altman's films are more than balanced off by my admiration of his ability to get famous women to remove their clothing. In this case Julianne Moore demonstrates that the carpet and drapes do match in this clip from Short Cuts. You'll notice that this scene is annoying and isn't much good except for Julianne's lower body, but it is not indicative of the entire film, which is quite good.

Follow-up to the follow-up. Two days ago, we saw Trishelle Cannatella, host of the Lingerie Bowl, in The Dukes of Hazzard 2. Yesterday she appeared in The Scorned. Today it is a picture from The Surreal Life