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March 8, 1080hd

Meagan auditioned

Pretty girl with a nice personality and a good body, but I hate the tats and piercings.


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"True Detective"

s1e2, 1920x1080

This is the one that put La Daddario on the map and earned the Nude Scene of the Year honors.

Alexandra Daddario



"The Saint"

The Saint is a spy thriller series made in the 60’s. Roger Moore played Simon Templar, the saint and he helped people who were in trouble when the police and similar agencies were unable to help.

There was no nudity but lots of lovely women:

Season 6 Episode 4 The Desperate Diplomat (1968)

Maggie London

Suzan Farmer

An Unidentified Woman

Season 6 Episode 8 The Master Plan (1968)

Lyn Ashley

Season 6 Episode 11 The Fiction Makers: Part 1 (1968)

Caron Gardner

Season 6 Episode 13 The People Importers (1968)

Imogen Hassall


When Saturday Comes


Rebecca Nichols

El Lobo


Melanie Doutey film clip (collage below)

Liz Solari in The Last Man (2018) in 1080hd

An enhanced version of Marin Ireland in Boss (s2e7) in 1080hd


Nastassja Kinski in The Hotel New Hampshire (1984) in 1080hd