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Goddess of Love


Johnny's comments:

Goddess Of Love is a psychological horror drama where Venus (Alexis Kendra), a struggling Los Angeles stripper is given advice for better extracting money from men, but the first man she entangles is Brian (Woody Naismith), an Australian photographer who is attracted to Venus because she looks exactly like his dead wife. They strike up a relationship and things are going well until two months into the relationship when Venus begins to notice something off in Brian. When looking at Brian's photographs she spies one of the models, Christine (Elizabeth Sandy), a former flame of Brian's in a shot that he is particularly happy with and Venus becomes more suspicious. One night, she follows Brian and spies him having dinner with Christine. Well, Venus loses it and Brian decides to call off their relationship. Venus is convinced he can get Brian back and decides to cook him dinner, only to spy him having sex with Christine. Christine brings back Venus's things to her apartment and they tussle with Christine winding Venus. This sets off a tit for tat with Venus becoming more and more delusional and violent, leading to tragedy. Or does it?


 A passion project for Alexis Kendra (formerly Alexis Peters who seems to have changed her name for this movie) who co-wrote, produced and is very much front and centre of the movie. Venus is a mess, chain-smoking throughout, which is something very different for a modern movie considering smoking is basically banned from American movies, spitting numerous times (at least 6 from a quick count), constantly in a daze which leads to erratic behaviour that is usually soothed by smoking pot, which also happens frequently. And Kendra lives and breathes the role, it's just a shame that the movie is all tricks and very little to back it up. You know a twist is coming, you're just waiting for it happen. The twist isn't really worth the journey and to be honest, the movie would've played better if it didn't have the twist. It renders a fair portion of the movie null and void and it is awkwardly explained at the end. Kendra performance is what makes this movie, such a shame the plot doesn't work.

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Elizabeth Sandy
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Scott Monda
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Poison Ivy III - The New Seduction

Athena Massey

and Jaime Pressly go topless in Poison Ivy III - The New Seduction (1997)

and Shanna Moakler is down to her underwear.

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Lavinia Longhi in Station Horizon 3: Doppeltes Spiel (2016)


Kim K.

Charlotte McKinney

Alexandra Daddario on the Baywatch set