TV Recap

There was some female nudity in last night's Black Sails, but it once again consisted of unidentified actresses in fleeting brothel scenes.

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Danielle Cormack



Kaitlyn Leeb: buns getting the first rimjob ever featured on cable television.

Eve Harlow: sexy.

(s1e9 - last night)

Laura Vandervoort and maybe body double Kristen Pizycki. The shot of her hovering over the guy is performed by Laura, albeit with nipple tape. The long-distance full-body nude shot appears to be done by the body double.

(Film clip here)

"Being Human"


Meaghan Rath: a hint of sideboob.

Kristen Hager: drops her lower scrubs for fully clothed sex.

  Sabrina Campilii: sexy but dead as blood whore.


  Sabrina Campilii: bra and panties in the youtube series Wicked.

"Murdoch Mysteries"

"Friday the 13th, 1901" (s7e14, 2014)
Andrea Runge : sexy but dead in bloomers after skinnidipping Victorian style.

"Mr. D"


Angela Vermeir: cougar sexy.


(season 2 preview)

someone having fully clothed sex.


episode: "Sacrifice" (s1e08)

More nudity during the orgy in the uncut euro-version.

more boob and floppy wieners.

"Motives & Murders"

episode: "No Reason to Die" (2013)

Sarah Hempinstall: caught sunbathing topless but not showing anything.


(2014; le preview)

 Louise Turcot: nude but as GILF.

"Unite 9"

(le s2e20)

Catherine Proulx-Lemay: downblouse.


Debbie Lynch White: the full figured butch female guard from Unite 9 is much sexier in the web series "Les Jaunes."

"Serie Noire"

(le s1e08)

Edith Cochrane: fully clothed sex.

"Les Jeunes Loups"

(le s1e08)

Amelie Simard: buns in her skivvies after getting caught locked out the house.



(le s5e09)

Myriam De Bonville: partial boob in emergency room.


(19) Myriam De Bonville: much sexier in demo reel.

"Moose Knuckles"

Clothing outfitter had to pull a commercial because it features French-Canadian terrorists in various states of undress. (BTW, moose knuckles is the male equivalent of cameltoe)

(le commercial)

In the news...

Belle Knox: is the female porn actress who moonlights as a Duke university student.

Story here.


TV/Film Clips

Margarethe von Stern and Yingying Du in Help me I am Dead (2013) in 1080p

von Stern



Nice 1080p captures of Aida Folch in The Artist and the Model (2013)

model Bryana Holly (she was Brody Jenner's girlfriend)

Alyona Subbotina. She's an ultra-pale, blue-eyed model from Kazakhstan.

Arielle Kebbel in the pilot episode of The After

Fanny Francois in Vanidad

Katrina Bowden (and some CGI) in Nurse 3D

Stephanie Seymour

Actress/model Xian Miko. Interview here. (And a link to her blog)