Val Kilmer plays a shell-shocked Marine veteran who lost a leg in Iraq. He drifts around aimlessly for a while after his discharge, but finally gives in to the entreaties of his one and only friend to visit him in Arizona. When he finally gets to the right town, he finds that none of the locals seem to know who the man is and everyone acts like they have something to hide. Kilmer does a little detective work and finds evidence that his buddy's trailer had once been exactly where it was supposed to be. He vows to solve the mystery.

The actual mystery is something out of a grade-B comic book. The entire town is controlled by a corporate CEO who has decided to make it his home and headquarters, and to rebuild the entire town based on John Ford's Westerns. The company's business is to create wars, sell weapons, then rebuild the very countries they have persuaded the U.S. military to destroy. It is called Hallicorp. Get it? The CEO (Gary Cole) and his inner circle are right-wing uber-patriots whose secret agenda is to rebuild the entire Southwest, except this time without those pesky Mexicans. The only thing they hate more than Mexicans is an ex-Marine who asks too many questions about his Mexican friend.

I think I can review the film without actually stating an opinion. At one point Cole actually says to Kilmer. "You in a heap a' trouble, son."

And he was one of the film's more realistic characters!

As you can probably guess, Kilmer eventually finds out that his friend was killed by the vigilantes, and then gets really angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. You wouldn't even like him much when he's happy. Eventually the tough, laconic one-legged vet defeats Hallicorp's entire private army of one-dimensional cartoon characters, kills the CEO with his bare hands in front of hundreds of witnesses, destroys the faux-Western buildings, and avoids prosecution so that he can join with the honest god-fearing Mexicans in rebuilding the town with simple, honest labor.

And probably a lot of Adobe.

And a tanker full of pink paint.

How did Kilmer get involved in something this preposterous? Community ties. Kilmer has lived on his ranch in New Mexico since 1983, and acts as an advisor to the New Mexico Film Investment Program. His commitment to that program has stimulated an increase in the state's annual production revenue, from $3 million in 2002 to $117 million in 2006. He has shown a willingness to do what is necessary to bring film projects to his state, and that includes lending his own name to projects when appropriate. This particular project was not a particularly good use of his time, but I'm assuming that his willingness to play the lead is what sealed the deal. Fair enough. At least he has a passion and a commitment for something. If he keeps building up the film business in the area, some of the future projects will be worthwhile. This particular film, in which New Mexico played the part pf Arizona, is just an egg that needed to be broken in order to make that future omelet.

The nudity in this film is utterly gratuitous. The story begins in Iraq, then moves to Arizona. In between, there is a brief section in which Kilmer drifts from the bed of one foreign girl to another in a state of despair and shell-shock after he loses his leg. This woman was just one of the anonymous bodies in his emotionless liaisons. She is however, incredibly beautiful, and her breasts are shown to good advantage in a lengthy scene.

Alesia Riabenkova




  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







A Clean Kill

Roxana Zal is topless in A Clean Kill aka Her Married Lover (1999).



Redemption of the Ghost

No nudity in Redemption of the Ghost (2002) but Rachel Hunter shows some leg and looks very nice.



Diplomatic Immunity

The nudity in Diplomatic Immunity (1991) comes from Fabiana Udenio's fabulous breasts.

 Meg Foster shows a brief upskirt.



Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom (1960) is a British movie about a serial killer. No real visible nudity with

Pamela Green,

Susan Travers

and a victim

wearing very little.



The Moustache

Across the channel to France we have The Moustache aka La Moustache (2005)

Emmanuelle Devos almost shows some breast.



That Woman

Still in France, we have That Woman aka Cette femme-lŕ.

A brief bit of bush by Josiane Balasko,

and Florence Loiret Caille shows a bit of cleavage.



The Carpenter's Pencil

To Spain and we have Maria Adánaz showing her breasts

 in The Carpenter's Pencil aka La Lápiz del Carpintero (2003).



Love Matters

There is more breast exposure in Love Matters (1993) mainly by

Gina Gershon

and Kate Burton.

Annette O'Toole shows some pokies.



"Samantha Who"

Some more cleavage from Christina Applegate in two episodes,

The Job

and The Virgin

in the TV series Samantha Who (2007).



Sexually Submissive

Sexually Submissive (2006) is a soft core movie with

Kaylani Lei,




Tiffany Taylor



and Jenaveve Jolie completely naked.



Married with Children

(Series 5, Part 2)

Episode 18 - Weenie Tot Lovers and Other Strangers

Christina Applegate - sexy

Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst - a lot of leg

Unidentified - sexy cleavage

Episode 19 - Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?

Christina Applegate - lots of leg

Helena Apothaker - lots of leg

Episode 20 - Top of the Heap

Joey Lauren Adams - pokies

Episode 21 - You Better Shop Around, part 1

Christina Applegate - minor pokies

Bobbie Brown - cleavage

Episode 22 - You Better Shop Around Part 2

Episode 23 - Route 666 Part 1

Christina Applegate - lovely

Episode 24 - Route 666 Part 2

Christina Applegate - sexy

Ava Fabian - underwear

Pamela Anderson, Renee Tenison, Bobbie Brown, Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst - sexy

Episode 25 - Buck the Stud

Christina Applegate - pokies

Jennifer Blanc - sexy

Debbe Dunning and others - sexy








Snuff Movie


Today's look at Snuff-Movie includes a pretty intense "Damsel in Distress" scene.

Lisa Enos with some very delicious full frontal before she becomes a victim who is nailed to a cross.

Teri Simpson with some boobage and a hint of bush in a very dark  scene.







Notes and collages


Season 3, episode 14 - final part

Cynthia Watros








episode: "Torrent"

Lindy Booth is sexy

Debra McCabe shows a lot of cleavage,

and a stripper shows some buns and partial boob.




episode: "The Code"

An episode full of puckbunnies and only an anonymous one shows anything.

Former children's show hostess Sally Gifford does a sexy lingerie shoot,

Lisa Ciara shows partial boob,

Jessica Barrow is in bikini,

a sexy lingerie model,

and a topless puckbunny.



Blonde and Blonder


A straight-to-DVD as dumb as the title sounds. Stars Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards as two blonde stewardesses and Emmanuelle Vaugier and Meghan Ory as their evil brunette assassin counterparts. Within days after its DVD release a sequel was already announced called "Blonde and Blonder 2: We Chipped a Nail."

Pamela Anderson shows a lot of cleavage and kisses Denise Richards,

Emmanuelle Vaugier in very tight spandex with Meghan Ory,

Tosha Doiron is sexy auditioning as a stripper,

Julia Anderson sexy.

Sandra Jessica Couturier sexy as stripper.








Karolina Kurkova shows a bit of areola in Esquire
Bai Ling (upgrade of familiar pic)
Victoria Zdrok falls out
One more of Kim Kardashian in a bikini
Kerry Katona (upgrade of familiar pic)
Ashley Tisdale (upgrade of familiar pic)
Amara Karan - just a tiny hint of nudity in The Darjeeling Limited
Margaret Scarborough in Wrestlemaniac
Ingrid Thulin in Short Night of Glass Dolls


Film Clips

Mariel Hemingway in Star 80

Julie Benz in Darkdrive

Irene Jacob in The Double Life of Veronique

Three from Agnes and His Brothers: Susan Anbeh, Romy Fenninger, Katja Riemann

April Pearson in Skins. (No real nudity. She's topless, but ...)

Tara Fitzgerald in A Man of No Importance

Brigitte Fossey in Le chant du depart

Barbora Bobulova in Cuore Sacro

Katia Tchenko in Servantes iz Malog Mista. These are VHS clips of a rare Croatian film. There is plenty of nudity as two rural hicks stumble onto a nude beach.