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I love comedies, and I especially love the best work of the Farrelly brothers. I think that their 1999 film There's Something About Mary is a comic masterpiece, and I also feel that several of their other films are very funny. I have also enjoyed Owen Wilson's best work since the days of Shanghai Noon.

It is therefore with great regret that I inform you that I couldn't make it through ten minutes of the Farrelly's latest comedy, starring Owen. I can't imagine how it could have scored 36% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Trite ideas, bad jokes, stock characters and situations. It's just awful.

Watching this is like watching one of those SNL sketches that they put on at the end of the show because they have some time to kill. You know how they just seem to drag on, and on, and on? well, this film is like that, except that it drags on for 90 minutes instead of three.

Or maybe not. I can't really say since I gave up in the first eight minutes. Who knows? Maybe it got better after I shut it off.

But I doubt it.

Here's Nicky Whelan (cam quality, sample below)


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As Socrates himself once said, "Glibby gloop gloopy Nibby Nabby Noopy La La La Lo Lo, Sabba Sibby Sabba Nooby abba Nabba Le Le Lo Lo, Tooby ooby walla nooby abba nabba."

Words to live by ...

Although they probably make more sense if you can speak ancient Greek.

Beverly D'Angelo film clips (captures below)




Lilian's Story


Lilian's Story is a drama about an eccentric old lady, Lilian (Ruth Cracknell) who is let out of a mental institution after 40 years and tries to find her way back in society. She is way out of her depth, but is also haunted by the demons of her past (younger Lilian played by Toni Collette) and her domineering father (Barry Otto). She is also looking for love and in doing so meets a long lost love who is living in squalor by the sea, in which she shacks up with for a while. When he dies, she goes back to the city and starts making money by reciting Shakespearean sonnets in the park. And finds her own form of contentment by finally being allowed to live. Based on a true story, the film is a well made tale about starting from nothing and learning to enjoy life after it has been taken away from you. While Ruth Cracknell is great as the older Lilian, Toni Collette, as the younger Lilian, has to do more of the heavy lifting with the more harrowing stuff. Not for everyone, but well worth a look if you're into movies that celebrate life after the hardships.

Toni Collette film clips

The collages are below:




Red River


Megan Marie Wilson and Ronica Jones

Misty Simmons-Poteet

(Collages in yesterday's page)


Film Clips

Sarah Dropsy in La greve des femmes (2011; TV; broadcast yesterday; see below)

Zoe Sloane in Bread Crumbs (2011; see below)

Krew Boylan in Primal in 1080p (2010; sample below)

Amanda Harris in The Devil Within (2010; sample below)

Elizabeth Bell in The Devil Within (2010; sample below)

Mille Lehfeldt in Smukke mennesker (2010; samples below)

Mille Lehfeldt again, this time in Himlen falder (2009; see below)

Amaia Salamanca in Fuga de Cerebros (2009; sample below)

Signe Egholm Olsen in Nordkraft  (2005; sample below)

Signe Vaupel in Nordkraft  (2005; sample below)

Selma Blair and Stana Katic in Feast Of Love in 1080p (2007)

Sophie Marceau in Firelight (1997)




Isabelle Carre in Hideaway (2010)

Jenny Gabrielle in The Dry Land (2010)

Valeria Golino in Rain Man (1988) in HD


Daisy Lowe (the last two are really one pic)

Camille Rowe