"Bad Girls"

Bad Girls (1994) could have better been entitled Bad Ideas. Take four beautiful women, turn them into hookers with a heart of gold, then have them battling posies, Pinkerton men, and an outlaw gang in a post dust-buster but supposedly authentic old west. Not only is this about 4 improbable characters, and the old West full of freshly pained buildings, dust-free dirt roads, and polite talking people, but they skimped on the nudity as well. Drew Barrymore, as one of the four, shows her right breast is two different scenes. Andie MacDowall may show breasts during a swimming scene, but at the distance this was shot, it could also have been a French Poodle.

They issued the girls a bullet shield sufficient to protect them from a Gatling gun, and are all expert shots with both handgun and rifle. We are to overlook the fact that one of them used to run with the very outlaws they are now at odds with, and also murdered a trick for demanding a kiss, and feel nothing but sympathy for these poor abused women. Not sure why I am ranting. Nobody else liked it either. This is a D+ -- Western lite with an extra helping of tomatoes, hold the dirt and graphic violence.

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    The L-Word

    Sunday's show was season 2, episode 2

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    Here's a good one for Junior's polls - assuming that this story is true, who would be the BEST and WORST people to end up sitting next to on a Dallas-Tokyo flight. Great scene for a Woody Allen movie. Woody is sitting naked in coach when he is informed that he's been bumped up to first class. He is thrilled at first - only to end up sitting next to Jerry Falwell, while the guy who gets his coach seat is next to Angelina Jolie.

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    Jr's Polls
    To help keep the Oscar talk going for just a few more days, here is this week's poll...
    Best Oscar Winning Nude Performance

    Of the Best Actress Winners who showed nudity in their award winning roles, who gave the best nude performance? I think I've included every actress to show Oscar some skin. If I missed anyone, let me know.

    There are a couple on the list that push the definition of nudity, (Hunt's scenes were see-thru and partial, MacLaine's nudity was very brief, and Christie's was rear only) but it's my poll, so ppphhhtttt :-p

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    Crimson Ghost
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    Today from the Ghost, 'caps and vids of the popular adult star Alisha Klass doing a little softore sex and showing breasts and bush in scenes from an episode of the late night cable series "Thrills".

    'Caps and comments by Brainscan:

    "Sex Is Comedy"
    More a light drama than a comedy, this 2002 French film by director Catherine Breillat doesn't come close to some of her other works, nor is it as erotic, but on it's own, it is a decent if not great effort.

    A director (played by Anne Parillaud) struggles to film a difficult intimate nude scene between two of her actors. Although both profess willingness to do the scene, they both have one problem. They hate each other.

    Roxane Mesquida (who actually seems to have no problem doing nude scenes, judging by her other pictures) does a good job as the reluctant actress who can't stand her partner. Gregoire Colin plays the actor who can barely stand to kiss the girl, and is an egotistical jerk as well.

    One gets the impression Breillat did this movie as much for herself as anyone, and it could well reflect some of the problems she's had, given that much of her work contains nudity and eroticism. Low key and sometimes slow to the point of being boring, but still some interesting parts.

    Jack Snow
    Here's another batch of caps from German TV.

    'Caps and comments by Jack Snow:

    "Scharf wie Chili" is a comedy with little nudity: Romana Pollak shows brief toplessness in an office-sex scene, Elisabeth Niederer bares a bit of bum while lying in bed, Alexandra Neldel is fully clothed in a sex scene and Natalie Spinell is seen wearing a nice outfit showing some cleavage.

    "Domino" is a black-and-white TV-production from 1982. The nudity: Katharina Thalbach, Anne Bennent and Julia Lindig plus all show frontal nudity. We also have some see-thru undies view from Andrea Plany.

    In "Polizeiruf 110: Dettmanns weite Welt" we see some very nice cleavage by Anna Thalbach, Katharina Thalbach's daughter

    In "Polizeiruf 110: Der scharlachrote Engel" (the latest episode of the crime series) Nina Kunzendorf went topless and showed off a nice thong view.

    "Baby" is a German drama with some more strippers. Ila Schöppe shows quick views of all three B's, Irina Platon is topless and shows thong views while dancing.

    In the 1972 movie "Happy End" (full title "Happy End oder Wie ein kleines Heilsarmeemädchen Chicagos größte Verbrecher in die Arme der Gesellschaft zurückführte") we have another stripper briefly going topless played by Barbara Valentin.

    "Kein Himmel über Afrika" a two-part TV-production. In part one, Veroncia Ferres showes her breasts and some pubes while in a bed. Part two doesn't have any nudity, but Veroncia Ferres does have a steamy sex scene and we see some of Katharina Meinecke's undies.

    "Ein Engel und Paul" is lousy drama from 2001 that only recently premiered on German TV: Eva Hassmann and Gunda Ebert are topless in bedroom scenes.

    From the series "Ein Fall für zwei", episode "Juwelen": Susanne Schäfer is topless in two different sex scenes.

    From the series "Verschollen", episode "Die Operation": Berrit Arnold makes her very first nude TV appearance after posing for the German version of the Bunny-mag last year.

    "Die Kommissarin", episode "Der Tote aus der Wagenburg": Here is a very nice topless scene featuring Julia Richter.

    Finally, a cinema classic: Stefanie Casini trying to please Robert DeNiro and Gerard Depardieu in scenes from the 1976 Bernardo Bertolucci movie "1900". At first I capped this only to test the picture quality of a French TV-station. But I was happy with the quality of the images and the non-exisiting editing of this scene (A topless Casini is grabbing both DeNiro and Depardieu by their units)

    Carmen Electra
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Electra doing a little strip tease and dancing in her undies while on stage with the Pussycat Dolls.

    Gwyneth Paltrow
    (1, 2, 3)

    Going back a few months...here are some high quality 'caps of Paltrow's post-pregnancy breasts practically popping out of her dress at the UK premiere of "Sky Captain". Thanks to The Rock.

    Marguerite Moreau
    (1, 2, 3)

    Here is the former child actress (all 3 "Mighty Ducks" movies) all grown up and showing off breasts and bum in scenes from "Easy" (2003). Some folks may also recognize her from the wonderful summer camp movie parody/tribute "Wet Hot American Summer" (2001).

    Helen Hunt
    (1, 2, 3, 4)

    Mr. Nude Celeb 'caps of Hunt wearing a very see-thru wet shirt and showing mostly topless views in scenes from "As Good as It Gets" (1997). Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson both took home Oscars for their leading roles in this movie. It was also nominated for 5 other Oscars, including Best Picture.

    Charlotte Lewis
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Señor Skin 'caps of the exotic beauty baring her big'uns in scenes from the 1993 direct-to-vid action flick "Excessive Force".

    Pat Reeder www.comedy-wire.com
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    She Does Suck Like A Vacuum - A "Saturday Night Live" insider told TV Guide that Paris Hilton was not only a "minimally-acceptable" performer and an "energy vacuum" on stage, she was also one of the most narcissistic hosts ever. She was so self-absorbed, some cast members bet on which would be the first to have Paris ask them a friendly, personal question. Nobody won. Paris denied it, saying, "Everyone was like, 'Wow, you could be on the show every week. You're so chill.'"

  • No, the word they used was "chilly."
  • Nobody on "SNL" uses the word "chill"...That's probably just something she said to herself.
  • "What do you think of me" isn't a friendly, personal question?

    Pointless Enterprise - TrekUnited, a campaign to reverse the cancellation of the ratings-challenged "Star Trek: Enterprise," announced that it has a "legally binding pledge" of $3 million to give to Paramount to produce another season, which would cost $30 million. The group said the donors were entrepreneurs in the commercial space flight industry who were inspired to go into it by watching "Star Trek." They asked to remain anonymous.

  • As in "Geeks Anonymous."
  • They don't want a bunch of "charities" coming around, asking them for money.
  • Watching Captain Kirk inspired them to think, "Maybe if I go into space, I can find someone who'll have sex with me."
  • If they can't get a new season, they'll pay $3 million to have that hot Vulcan chick come hang around their office for a week.

    Two Balls, No Hits - In an informal locker room discussion with reporters, home run king Barry Bonds did not outright deny rumors of steroid use, but he did dismiss them by saying, "I can tell you my testicles are the same size. They haven't shrunk. They're the same and work just the same as they always have."

  • That's right, they're the same size they were when he was born.
  • But they're not big enough for him to give a straight answer.
  • They'd have to be huge for him to think he could get away with an answer like that.
  • The interview aired on ESPN-Too Much Information.