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Katrine De Candole

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Emma Appleton


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Juno Temple

Kati Sharp and Frances Eve


"The Saint"

The Saint is a spy thriller series made in the 60’s. Roger Moore played Simon Templar, the saint and he helped people who were in trouble when the police and similar agencies were unable to help.There was no nudity but lots of lovely women:

Season 3 Episode 2 Lida (1964)

Erica Rogers

Maggie Wright

An Unidentified Woman

Season 3 Episode 4 The Scorpion (1964)

Nyree Dawn Porter

Season 4 Episode 7 The Saint Bids Diamonds (1965)

Eunice Gayson


Season 4 Episode 9 The Old Treasure Story (1965)

Erica Rogers

Confessions of a Driving Instructor


Prudence Drage

The Favourite

2018, 1080hd

The Favourite is a drama where Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) runs 18th century England although she is ailing and the country is run in lieu by her friend Lady Marlborough (Rachel Weisz) as the country is on the verge of war with France. Abigail (Emma Stone) is formerly from a good family who knew Lady Marlborough but those days are long over as she starts as a servant. She quickly impresses the Lady and she makes Abigail her maid but Abigail is ambitious and wants to get back to what she believes is her place in society. She finds out that the Queen and the Lady are having an affair and she uses that information to plot her way into the Queen's good books. She is also courted by Masham (Joe Alwyn) who wants her but cannot marry below his station. When the Lady finds Abigail has usurped her in the Queen's bed, she demotes her back to servant but Abigail uses her new found leverage to become the Queen's maid. The Lady and Abigail go tit-for-tat in a petty feud which ends badly for the Lady but it might also end badly for Abigail.

I've been a bit of a latecomer to the films of director Yorgos Lanthimos and Dogtooth, The Lobster and The Killing Of A Sacred Deer are pretty decent but also very odd movies and The Favourite continues on that tradition. The three lead actresses are all great, leading with Oscar winner Olivia Colman, but Emma Stone seems fairly underrated for her work here as she plays a conniving character quite well. Yes, it's a period movie but one that is very different from the usual period movie, with a fair amount of black humour and very odd moments throughout. Well worth a look.

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Alba August in Becoming Astrid (2018) in 1080hd

Ana Luiza Rios in O Clube Dos Canibais (2018) in 1080p

Sandrine Kiberlain and Agathe Bonitzer in When Margaux Meets Margaux (2018) in 1080hd



Diane Kruger in The Bridge (s2e1) in 1080hd

Kati Outinen in Hurja Joukko (e3; 2002)

Elina Hurme in Isa Meidan (1993) in 1080HD