TV Recap

The very tall Elizabeth Debicki in episode three of The Night Manager in 1080hd

Jodie Comer in the first episode of Thirteen in 1080hd

There was just an unreal amount of nudity (including full frontals) on last night's Shameless (s6e8).

Flesh from Sherilyn Fenn, Jocelin Albor, Angeline Appel and others:

Lena Dunham was naked in last night's Girls (s5e3) because ... she's Lena Dunham

Elizabeth Anne Pelayo playing tennis naked. You have to see this. (Naked News, March 6) in 1080hd

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The Wings of the Dove



The Young Tycoon


Sylvia Lueff



Charlotte Buosi in La Derniere Lecon (2015) in 1080hd

Isild le Besco in Les Brigands (2015) in 1080hd

Annie Girardot and others in Shock Treatment (1973) in 1080hd


This week, the movies are from 1997:

Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery

No nudity in Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (1997) but the women are lovely:

Elizabeth Hurley

more of Hurley in the deleted scenes. lots of cleavage

Fabiana Udenio as Alotta Fagina


Mimi Rogers

Fembots - they’re identified in the credits but I gave up trying to identify them

Lots not identified

Deleted scenes

 Movie/TV Clips

Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction (1994) in 1080hd

WOW! Carre Otis and Mickey Rourke in Wild Orchid (1989), now in 1080hd
Some of the hottest sex ever filmed for a mainstream film - possibly real sex. (They were lovers)