Except for Naked News, the Friday TV shows contained no nudity. Even Banshee struck out again. It was about the slowest nudity news day I can remember, with only Adam Carolla's Road Hard supplying any flesh.

TV Recap

The Friday edition of Naked News featured an audition from "Gina" and Natasha Olenski hosted Hollywood XPress. In other Naked News news, Rachelle Wilde was removed from the closing scroll of current anchors, so her return to the show was brief.

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Body of Evidence



Part 3

Part 1: Anne Archer's body double and Julianne Moore appeared in Thursday's page

Part 2: Madonna - stills and the first five clips - appeared in Friday's page 

Today: Madonna, clips 6 and 7


Final Destination


Gabrielle Chapin

Relentless IV


Rainer Grant


TV and Film Clips

Yanessa Branch and some unidentified women in Road Hard (2015, just released)

Here's a brightened 1080hd version of Chloe Grace Moretz in If I Stay

Linda Hamilton in the original Terminator (1984)

Pics and Collages

Zoe Kravitz - butt cheeks