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Housos vs Authority


Housos vs. Authority is a feature film spin-off of the sitcom about the lives of a bunch of housos, who are people who live in government-owned accommodation because they are poor. Dazza Jones (comedian Jabba), his wife Shazza (Elle Dawe), their two kids, Dazza's mum and her husband all live in one house. Throughout the day, they interact with their friends Vanessa (Vanessa Davis), who's with Kev and Franky (writer/director/producer Paul Fenech) who when not rooting any girl he can find, he's a general annoyance to local police. When Shazza gets a letter from her long lost mother, who is dying, she decides to go see her in Alice Springs. But, she and Dazza have no money. And the only way to get quick money is from the bikies run by Angry (Angry Anderson). It just so happens he needs drugs transported to Alice Springs and gives her the loan of a camper van to get there. So, the gang hop in for a trip to Alice Springs. Shazza meets her mother, they reconcile, then her mother dies. Her last wish is to scatter her ashes on Ayres Rock, which is now $25 a person to visit. Not having that money they get around that and get to Ayres Rock, desecrating in a way only a houso can. All bar Franky are caught, but the local court let them off. This pisses off their local member of parliament who wants them to pay, big time.

Well, what can I say about this film. Firstly, this film is just preaching to the converted, it's the same jokes on heavy repetition (the same jokes from Fenech previous shows as well. That dead horse he's beating is going to be beaten for plenty more years and series to come). So, nothing in this film is going to change your opinion of this movie. It's the same, same, same but longer. Holy shit, it's longer. There's barely enough plot to make 25 minutes of a TV show and now it's bafflingly 102 minutes long. The first 50 minutes are where all the laughs are and it is already running out of juice by then. And the plot of the film has barely started. They haven't even gotten to Alice Springs by then. In fact, when Housos vs. Authority decides on a plot, it dies horribly and drags and drags and drags until it ends. Both the TV show and the movie are much better when going for dodgy gags; the plot is just padding. Housos vs. Authority is shithouse, but depending on your opinion of Paul Fenech's comedy, that can be a good or a bad thing. Personally, I got laughs, but by halfway, this film dies, many times, as the laughs peter out.

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