"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

The quality here is not as spectacular as it has been in recent clips because these are taken from some kind of screener which is not HD. But it's still plenty good and the material is great!


Next week's episode: (number 8)

Lucy Lawless

assorted background whores

The following week's episode: (number 9)

This episode had an awesome amount of nudity.

Katrina Law and Lucy Lawless (standing, properly lit full-frontal nudity from Law)

Viva Bianca - wild sex scene with Spartacus

assorted slaves


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Angel Blade


Today, from a sleazy flick called Angel Blade, we have two topless "Babes in Bondage".

First up Bethany Rigazzio all tied up and bloody. Caps with a clip.

Heather Sturm likewise topless and even more bloody. Caps with a clip.


TV Land

Over in TV Land Emilie de Ravin from "Lost" visits Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night" and puts on a nice leg & thigh show. Caps with an HD clip.




Original Sin


Angelina Jolie: 1280x544 film clips (samples below)

Scoop's notes, written in 2002. COMPLETE SPOILERS:

I kinda ripped on the movie, but I later chose the Jolie/Banderas sex scenes to be included in the best nude scenes of the millennium. So it's got that goin' for it ...

I think I'm going to surprise you with what I am about to say. I'm the guy who asked why the hell Blake Edwards thought it was a wise idea to remake a Truffaut movie as a Burt Reynolds film (The Man Who Loved Women). You would therefore expect me to hate the entire idea of this lavish Hollywood remake of another Truffaut movie (Mississippi Mermaid), but I don't feel that way. Mississippi Mermaid was not an exceptionally good Truffaut movie. Although the idea had merit, it was filled with inexplicable behavior and illogical plot twists.

I think it was a good idea to remake it.

Before you unload on me and my obvious lack of taste, let me set the record straight. I am not telling you that Original Sin is a great movie, and I'm not recommending it. The fact that I don't object to a remake doesn't mean I endorse this particular execution of that idea, although I think it is a reasonable screen representation of the kind of plot and atmosphere represented by Cornell Woolrich's "Waltz into Darkness", the novel which formed the basis for both Truffaut's film and this one.

The basic summary: a mail order bride shows up on an island. She's not at all what the groom expected. He was waiting at the docks for a plain woman, and was confronted with a knock-out. Her story, "I didn't want you to send for me because I had a pretty face. I sent a picture of my ugly cousin." He believed it, because he had done something very similar himself. He told her that he was a simple worker when in fact he owned the factory/plantation, because he didn't want her to come because she had seen a pretty bank account.

Believing her, however, was a big mistake. She was a con artist who had conspired with her boyfriend to murder the real mail order bride and clean out the groom.

Frankly, Truffaut's film had a serious problem with inexplicable character motives. When the con woman cleaned out the rich guy's bank accounts, there was no motivation for her to do that. She was trading down. What kind of con is that? She had the greatest life imaginable with a rich guy with impeccable manners who looked like a movie star and completely adored her. She would have been far better off telling him the truth and staying with him rather than cleaning out a couple of bank accounts and ending up right back where she was again in a couple of years. The only possible explanation for her actions is that her unseen partner-in-crime had an inexplicably strong hold on her, something that she just couldn't break. But the Truffaut movie never explained that.

In the remake, they had a bizarre sadistic/masochistic co-dependency relationship that dated back to childhood, which could explain how he controlled her, but the screenwriter added a further clarification as well. The con woman WAS going to stay with the rich guy, until he made her write a letter to "her sister" - actually the murdered woman's sister - which forced her to end the game.

Unfortunately, both versions of the story have a massive logic error. In theory, the con woman and her partner killed the real mail order bride on the ship. They flung her overboard and concocted a scheme to impersonate her. Do you see the big problem with this set-up? The mail order bride didn't know she was going to marry a rich man. She thought she was going to the island to marry a mere foreman! Why would anyone decide to bump her off and take her place to con a poor man?

Conning the poor has never been an especially lucrative enterprise.

(Well, to be more precise, conning one poor person has never been very rewarding. On the other hand, if you choose to do it en masse, as do the TV evangelists, it seems to be pretty fruitful.)

The new version of the story pretty much follows the Truffaut film for 75 minutes - until the bride is rediscovered by the rich man after her flight, at which point he intends to kill her, but is dissuaded by the story of her life, a tragic tale of woe.

After that point, however, Original Sin becomes a completely different film, filled with staged deaths, cons, counter-cons, unexpected revelations, and about ten completely unbelievable plot twists. It piles twist upon twist, but frankly, none of them are really very surprising once you realize that they are simply going to pull out all of the stops.

Truffaut's film really focused on obsession, and the plot was kept fairly simple to allow him to focus on the rich man, who loved the con woman even after he knew she was an imposter. The new film is really plot-driven. I don't think it was handled properly. When a film is based on the plot, and the plot is based on secrets, you have to let it unravel naturally. This film is directed by someone who just can't keep a secret, and it spoils the fun. When the rich man and the con woman are first living together, he completely ignores some warning signs that she's lying. She smells of cigars and she tells him she smoked one of his. He catches her with another guy and she explains that she was asking for directions. She loves her morning coffee, even though she had written him that she never drinks anything but tea. C'mon now. There are two problems with this line of presentation:

1. Are we supposed to believe that he is really that obtuse? Being obsessed is one thing, but complete stupidity is quite another.

2. Even though he can't see the scam, we can. The clues would have been obvious enough, but the film's framing device shows her telling her story from prison at the beginning of the film. Therefore, when she is revealed to be an imposter, there is no surprise for us. If a film is driven by plot surprises, what is left when the surprises are not surprising?

What makes it worse is that there are so many off-the-wall plot twists. A film can be fun if it leads us to think one thing, then drops an opposite bombshell on us when we really don't expect it. A film may even get away with doing this more than once. But once we become aware that the changes of direction are the entire raison d'etre of the movie, we expect everything to be a con, and are therefore subsequently unsurprised to find that things differ from their appearance. We knew it already, because everything in the film is that way. We've received a written invitation to our own surprise party, and we can't even pretend we're surprised.

David Mamet can get away with that because he is brilliant enough to manage an ambience where the absence of a plot twist is a surprise and is therefore, in itself, a plot twist. Mamet is, however, about the only person in the world with the elan to pull this off.

Having said all that, let me add that Original Sin is not as bad as the critics said. It's not Plan 10 From Outer Space. It's just one of those potboiler Pia Zadora movies with Jolie slumming as the Zadora substitute. In fact, I thought the performances were amusing in an overwrought soap opera fashion, and I think that's the effect they were going for. Lara Croft did a good impersonation of Kathleen Turner with a Madonnese accent, Zorro was convincing as a lovesick guy without a clue, and Mickey Mantle did OK as the hammy actor pretending to be a detective.

I did love the fact that the evil guy (The Mick, aka Thomas Jane) gets to run around part of the movie in a Satan costume (he's an actor) - man, you don't get any further over the top in the symbolism department than that!


The Love Boat

Series 2 is now out on DVD. These caps are from the first half of the series. Welcome aboard.

Episode 1 Marooned

Barbi Benton - pokies

Lola Falana - sexy in a swimsuit

Lauren Tewes - lovely

Episode 4 Oh, My Aching Brother

Judy Landers - sexy in very short shorts

Episode 7 Ship of Ghouls

Barbara Anderson - not bad in a harem outfit

Episode 9 Locked Away

Jamie Lee Curtis - sexy in her pre-boob era

Episode 12 Folks from Home

Cisse Cameron - pokies

Episode 14 Double Wedding

Cyb ...

 ... and Trish Barnstable - interchangeable and sexy identical twins

Episode 15 Second Time Around

Tina Louise - "Ginger" is sexy in a swimsuit

Episode 16 The 'Now' Marriage

Phyllis Davis - pokies




Film clip of Emma Lung. (Collages below)



Les pieds dans le vide

(2009; aka "Feet in a Vacuum")

This movie is about BASE jumpers, extreme jackasses who take the phrase "jump off a cliff" far too literally.

Laurence Leboeuf: topless but appears to be wearing pasties

"The Bridge"

(2010; CTV series)

New cop drama.

Theresa Joy: brassiere in some heavy petting. Her character is also a lesbian cop so she looks promising.

Tamsen McDonough: sexy as obligatory hooker who has slept with most of the city leaders.

"18 to Life"

episode: "Hanging Pictures"

This CBC episode finally has a lot of sex in it.

Stacey Farber: as much sex and nudity as PG televison allows.

Angela Asher: doing some very suggestive aerobics.

Ellen David: eating banana, cleavage

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: "The Woman Who Knew Too Little"

This just got renewed for season 2.

Kathleen Munroe: cleavage in red dress.


episode: "Kali, Part II"

Something you don't see on standard cable. A woman nude in water in a very suggestive spreadeagle pose. Sahar Biniaz: Miss Universe Canada runnerup looking naked.

"Miss Canada Pageant"


Cynthia Kereluk: the hottest person to come from Edmonton since Wayne Gretzky..

She now has a very successful career doing aerobics shows.

"King of Kensington"

(1975 TV series)

Only the first season is on DVD but you get to see Fiona Reid with Eugene Levy, and Mike Meyers as an evil boy scout.

In episode "Where's Cathy?" she's in stripper attire.

"Ed the Sock's Night Party"

This show fell off the radar since leaving CityTV in 2008. But here's hottub babe Roxy in some explicit poses. (So that's where Ed stores his cigars!)'


(2008; "Summer Holiday")

Romanian sex comedy starring Anamaria Marinca, the Brigitte Bardot of Eastern Europe. For some reason the UK DVD does not have the scene of the male lead full frontal on the cover.

Anamaria Marinca: pregnant tummy, sexy MILF

Geanina Varga: Romanian hefmag hefmate full nude




Britney Spears, obeying the law of gravity

Glamour Magazine features seven big beautiful women nekkid

Maggie Q in The Warrior and the Wolf

DVD caps of Eva Green's complete nudity in The Dreamers. This was my choice as the best nude performance of the past decade. The imager took more than 200 snaps. You can browse them one-by-one below, or perhaps more sensibly, you can download a zip file which contains them all.


Film Clips