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The Doors


Part 2 of 3

1280x544 film clips with Kathleen Quinlan Samples below.








Cruel Intentions


We go back ten years for Sarah Michelle Gellar looking very sexy in "Cruel Intentions."


The Ramrodder


Then the Time Machine goes back to the sixties for Kathy Williams getting a topless whipping in "The Ramrodder." Sample cap and a clip.


TV Land


Over in TV Land Melissa Francis of CNBC with some nice leg & thigh appearing on the "Today" show. Caps and a short HD clip.







Notes and collages



(No caps from ep 21)

s5, e22

Rose McGowan

s5, e23

Rose McGowan









Irma la Douce

No visible nudity in Irma la Douce (1963). Shirley MacLaine, who  plays the prostitute Irma la Douce, strips down a lot but the A cups are covered with nipple patches.


There is an upskirt by Hope Holiday,

and I've been able to identify Tura Satana, Grace Lee Whitney (right hand cap), and Sheryl Deauville (left)

All these women played prostitutes.


P.S. I Love You

Hilary Swank is in her underwear in P.S. I Love You (2007).


Hot Shots! Part Deux

Brenda Bakke's body double is supposed to be topless in Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993), but it is a bit too dark to really see anything.

Valeria Golino is looking sexy.


The Shepherd: Border Patrol

The Shepherd: Border Patrol (2008) is a typical Jean-Claude Van Damme movie, with plenty of action. There are a few unidentified topless women on display to make it even more interesting.


Illegal Tender

Not a lot of nudity in Illegal Tender (2007).

Zulay Henao is topless but the nipplage is unclear.



Alison Lohman

and Gina Gershon

are in their underwear in Delirious (2006).


The Sitter

No nudity in The Sitter aka While the Children Sleep (2007)

Mariano Klaveno plays the homicidal baby sitter.



Echo aka Ekko (2007) is a Danish movie and

Stine Fischer Christensen is shown briefly topless.


The Puppet Gravedigger

Going south, we come to the German movie The Puppet Gravedigger aka Der Puppengräber (2003).

Karin Duwel shows a bit of nipple.


Bare Naked Desires

The soft-core this week comes from Bare Naked Desires (2006). Plenty of naked ladies in the aptly named movie. You get to see plenty of:

Kaylani Lei


Nina Mercedez


Jasmine Byrne

Mika Tan

and Gianna Lynn in all sorts of combinations.

Here's  Jasmine and Gianna


Jasmine, Gianna, and Kaylani

Jasmine, Gianna, and Nina

Jasmine, and Kaylani


Tales from the Crypt

Tales from the Crypt TV series is from the late 80s and early 90s. It is a horror series, originally based on a comic strip. As well as horror, there was a touch of spice with a bit of nudity, some by actresses who are now well-known. These collages come from the first and second series, not the most revealing series.

Series 1 Episode 1 The Man Who was Death

Dani Minnick - topless

Laura Albert - topless

Unknown - topless dancer

Series 1 Episode 2 And All Through the House

Mary Ellen Trainor - cleavage

Series 1 Episode 4 Only Sin Deep

Lea Thompson - down to her underwear

Series 1 Episode 5 Lover Come Hack To Me

Amanda Plummer - in her underwear

Series 2 Episode 1 Dead Right

Demi Moore - in her underwear

Sandra Margot - stripper in pasties

Darlene Hartwell - stripper in pasties

Series 2 Episode 2 The Switch

Kelly Preston - very sexy

Series 2 Episode 3 Cutting Cards

Diane Civita - looking nice

Series 2 Episode 4 'Til Death

Pamela Glen - in her underwear

Series 2 Episode 5 Three's a Crowd

Ruthe de Sosa - half dressed








Pam Anderson, still crazy after all these years

A couple of Shalom Harlow classics

Sharon Stone's most famous moment, jumbo-sized


Film Clips