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Wai's Romance


Wan nu da wang, is a Hong Kong Category III comedy starring Man Wah Tsui. When his father's business goes bankrupt, he finds himself on the street, and as the old song says, "Nobody knows you when you're down and out." He manages to find one friend who takes him in, and gets a job as a waiter in a nightclub he used to frequent. When the female boss and her boyfriend are accosted by thieves after closing, he fights them off with impressive martial arts skills, and is offered a job in the man's business. It is not long before he is up to his ears in willing women, cheating employees, and the Hong Kong police.

The IMDb page is virtually blank for this flick, yet it is one of the better Category III comedies. Not only does it have plenty of sex and nudity, but also martial arts, flubtitles, and much more.

We have nudity from Tsui Man-Wah, Oh Yin-Hei, Amy Wong Oi-Mei, and an unknown.

Tsui Man-Wah

Oh Yin-Hei

Amy Wong Oi-Mei










Beautiful Hunter


Today we go across the Pacific to Japan. Makiko Kuno stars as a mob assassin, but she crosses them and winds up as a topless "Babe in Bondage" receiving some nasty tormenting for not doing her job. She is rescued and has some lovemaking with her stud guy. Caps and two clips of Kiko getting it on.






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Season 3, episode 14 - part 2 (much more to come)

Cynthia Watros








Two photos of Pam Anderson in Saran Wrap

Kim Kardashian's gigantic butt

Juliet Reeves in Automaton Transfusion

Kayla Hilton in an episode of Underbelly


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