Saturday night I was at a party and met Teresa Ganzel.  She's still looking pretty darn good and was super nice.

Anyway, that got me thinking about one of the most memorable topless scenes of all time, her appearance in National Lampoon's Movie Madness. (or Goes to the Movies).  I was sure I had video clips on my hard drive but because I am disorganized, I couldn't find them.  Perhaps her name isn't in the file name.  Whatever.

No problem, I could go to your site and find them.  Well, not so good.  I tried looking through your movie clip search feature, and just like every single time I've ever used that search feature, I found nada.  I'm sorry, but your search feature for this has to be the worst I've ever seen, have never been able to find anything I wanted on it.

But then I just tried searching thru the back issues, and I got 14 hits with her last name but only one had video clips and that was a couple of really low quality clips from Crimson Ghost.  It looks worse than VHS quality.  Also, it misses the very beginning where she takes off her top and that is the best part of the scene (and one of the best scenes of all time, IMHO).

So my question is...the film is available on DVD.  Any chance for you or one of your cappers to give us an upgrade?  Or is it possible you do have better clips already and I just couldn't find them?

Thanks in advance."

Scoop's notes:

First of all, let me point out that the movie clip search engine works correctly. In fact, it works brilliantly. It always gives me the correct results, and it worked correctly for you. It just wasn't the result you wanted. It found no clips because we didn't have any clips. (I have set the clip search function to go back only to June of 2004. It could go back further, of course, but if it did, the stuff you found would not be worth finding, as you discovered. Before then the clips were primitive. There may be some exceptions, but they would be very rare. Bandwidth was far more expensive then, and few people had broadband, so the demand for film clips was small,and fulfilling the demand was costly.)

I imagine that it has worked perfectly for you every time you have used it. You "always" seem to get zero results because you are looking for rare things that we do not have. The guys who make clips follow their particular passions, and nobody seems to be much interested in that movie or Theresa because there are bigger names, younger women, and newer films to occupy their efforts.

The solution?

You did exactly the right thing by simply writing me. In deciding which clips to make, I don't follow my passions, but yours! I have a monstrous collection of legal, retail DVDs, and they are just sitting on my shelves waiting for someone to love them. And you know I never go after stuff like this half-assed! Here's a bunch of stuff:

The Movie Madness DVD was one of those old MGM two-sided disks, with a full screen version on one side, and a widescreen on the other. I did both, just for kicks, although there was no good reason to do so. I prefer the full screen one.

Theresa Ganzel in Movie Madness (aka National Lampoon Goes to the Movies) - widescreen


Theresa Ganzel in Movie Madness (aka National Lampoon Goes to the Movies) - fullscreen


Special bonus: a primitive sub-VHS clip from an obscure movie, but it nonetheless shows Theresa flashing her right mam. Theresa Ganzel in C.O.D. (1981)

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.


Untamed Heart


1080p film clips

This film is most famous because it includes Marisa Tomei's first topless scene. Unfortunately, we never got to see it in 1993 because it was cut from the film. But we can see it now, thanks to the great inventions of the optical media era, like "special features" and "unrated director's cuts."

  Marisa Tomei film clips

Johnny's notes:

Today, I'm going to burn off a few 'classic' Australian movies with only some quick videos and a quick series with collages. Also, some brief reviews.

The Getting of Wisdom


Last update I promised a couple of Bruce Beresford films, so first up is the school girl drama The Getting of Wisdom about a country girl who is sent to a city boarding school, but is finding it hard to fit in until she makes up a story about having an affair with the new handsome priest. When found to be a fraud, she is ostracised by all, but becomes friendly with a socially connected teacher. You know, i shouldn't like this film, it is period dress after all, but it is a well-made and at times quite satirical look at life in an all-girl boarding school. And it has a slew of young Australian actresses who all went onto roles I've capped on this site. Just some brief side-boob action from Kerry Armstrong.

Kerry Armstrong film clip, sample below

The Club


The next Bruce Beresford film is the 1980 Aussie Rules football drama The Club, reteaming with Don's Party writer David Williamson for a behind the scenes look at the boardroom machinations of the Collingwood Football Club during a premiership year. Not a bad film, but not as good as Don's Party. The football scenes are OK, although it is obvious the inserts are from a different ground. Plus, they beat my side, the old Fitzroy, in the grand final and I can't abide by that. And Micky Conlan getting shown up twice. Bullshit! And great to see Rene Kink getting a decent role here, even though he drops the towel...

Maggie Doyle film clip, sample below

Toni Gay Shaw film clip, sample below

Diana Greentree film clip, sample below



Next up is quick look at the no budget freaky horror movie DemonsAmongUs about a man moving to a country town just as demons invade the town and ravage various inhabitants. Not bad for a no budget film, has a few good ideas but seriously overstylised to the point of visual overload.

Laura Hesse film clip, sample below

Moving Out


Moving Out is a drama about Gino (Vince Colosimo in his first role), who is an immigrant kid just trying to make through life but when he learns that he is moving to Dandenong to a bigger house like all the other 'wogs', he fears he is going to lose everything he has built up including his friends. Gee, this was a staple when I was in high school, remember it vividly, so rewatch after probably 2 decades, it still holds up quite well and Colosimo is really good on debut. He went on the make the very similar Street Hero a year later, with pretty much the same people plus a wasted Sigrid Thornton (um, I mean her role in the film wasn't big not what you're thinking...). Just a quick videos of various moment from the film of Desiree Smith is a short skirt not quite covering everything, which seemed to happen numerous times. Check out the guy perving up her skirt... And that great Aussie Rules related graffiti that even I remember from my youth.

Desiree Smith film clip, sample below



Finally, another Paul Cox film, the 2000 elderly romance drama Innocence, during his Adelaide period (although some scenes are filmed in Melbourne and Belgium). Andreas (Bud Tingwell) and Claire (Julia Blake) were lovers many moons ago and after the death of his wife, Andreas contacts Claire to renew their friendship, but they become lovers again even though Claire is married, albeit in a loveless marriage. Interesting look at an elderly love affair although it strangely devolves into a very obvious ending. The requisite nudity in a Paul Cox film comes from Belgian actress Kristine Van Pellicom playing the younger Claire although there is a sex scene between the elderly lovers...

Kristin Van Pellicom film clips, collages below

Angela Noack film clip, sample below



Francoise Pascal in La rose de fer (aka "The Iron Rose"; 1973):
A spectacular 1080p clip for an obscure 40-year-old movie

Today's Italian exploitation classic is also in better quality than usual. Not as good as that one above, but a respectable 576p: Quando le Donne Si Chiamavano Madonne (1972)

Edwige Fenech


Francesca Benedetti


Eva Garden


Christina Hendricks. This one is real for sure.

Anna Friel in London Boulevard (2011)

Kimberley Nixon in Easy Virtue (2008)

Chelsea Field in Skin Deep (1989)

Brenda Strong in Skin Deep (1989)

Heidi Paine in Skin Deep (1989)


Raye Hollitt in Skin Deep (1989)


Mary Fanara in Truth or Dare (1986)

Camilla Luddington in Californication, s5e7

Amanda Righetti in Angel Blade

Dawn Olivieri in House of Lies, s1e7

Georgia Nica in The Prophecy Forsaken

Jordan Hinson in Harold & Kumar Christmas

Maria Bello in The Cooler

Mayra Leal in Playing House

Sandra Julien in Le Frisson Des Vampires

Silvia Spross in Someone's Knocking At The Door