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Theresa Russell film clips (captures below)



Lance et compte: le film


Quebec movie based on the cult tv series known to us anglos as "He Shoots, He Scores".

Laurence Dauphinais: topless.

Sophie Froment: sexy. She's the Miss Canada-whatever contestant who got kicked out when they found out she appeared topless in a commercial for the dating website Ashley Madison (not to mention she also appeared as a topless groupie in another movie).

"10 "


Movie about a juvenile delinquent who makes Bart Simpson look like a Justin Bieber.

porn video: explicit blowjob.

Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur


Roughly translates "Requiem for a Beautiful Heartless Person"

Sabrina Boudot: sexy as stripper, then in bikini.

"Penthouse 5-0"

 le tv series

Radio-Canada spinoff from the Sophie tv series about a couple of 50ish career women who live in a penthouse on the fifth floor. I would have preferred the prequel "Cathouse 21".

Brigitte Paquette: brassiere




This is being released to DVD at the end of April

Lara Daans: bare butt. (Film clip here)

Mercedes Papalia: brassiere as hooker.

hookers: lesbian action

Casino Jack


aka Bagman (screener)

The last movie for Maury Chaykin also not on DVD yet.

hookers: Sima Fisher is the redhead while Bettina Bennett is the blonde.

dancers: dancing at casino.

"American Sunset"


Low budget drama.

Angela Cullins: partial side boob.


(TV 2009)

Another movie featured during the mental-breakdown week on the wimmin's network.

Charlotte Sullivan

Jack of Diamonds

 (TV 2011)

Movie about a cat burgler.

Jayne Heitmeyer: cleavage in tummy-tuckers.

American Venus


Another movie by Bruce Sweeney but he went Hollywood by casting an American actress and not having any sex or nudity.

Rebecca De Mornay: sexy.

Jane McGregor: sexy.

"She's the Mayor"

TV series

The first television series produced by the faith-based Vision network which previously based most of their non-religious programming on American reruns and obscure comedies about British people with bad teeth.

Lori Alter: nice cleavage.


episode: "The Kwan Identity" (s1e08)

Grace Lynn Kung: sexy in short red dress.

Kimberly Chiang: stuntbabe doing highkicks in short dress. With better editing and camera angles that would have been a great upskirt.

"Republic of Doyle"

episode: "Crashing on the Couch" (s2e07)

Rachael Crawford: nekkid as doctor caught using her psychiatrist couch as a casting couch.

Slave Tears of Rome: Part One


Last Czechsploitation from

Marie Veckova: it's her turn to use the golden strap-on dildo to peg another actress. She'll probably get pegged by it in Part Two.

Finally ...

The has dug up some nude photos of model/actress Natalie Gauvreau which probably originated from one of her Facebook accounts.

Natalie Gauvreau: censored nudes




There were 11 seasons of Baywatch made from 1991 to 2001. There was a spin-off for two seasons of a series called Baywatch Nights, made from 1995 to 1996. Although David Hasselhoff was a mainstay for most of the seasons, there were many women who appeared in other roles for a time. Great use was also made of a second film unit with many 'colour' scenes of lovely women parading around wearing very little. There was no nudity (although I found one nip slip in one episode) but plenty of bikinis, wet bathers and pokies. Unfortunately, the credits were poor. Named characters were sometimes not acknowledged and identified, especially in the later seasons. There were also a number of errors in the IMDB and other sources on the Internet.

These caps are the first half of season 1.

Season 1 Pilot

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Gia Hecht - nice

Hope Marie Carlton - pokies

Kellie Martin - for fans of the Mystery Woman series of films

Kimber Sissons - a bit of leg

Mdchen Amick - nice

Shawn Weatherly - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Episode 1 - In Deep

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Shawn Weatherly - sexy

Unknown - pokies

Episode 2 - Heat Wave

Holly Gagnier - nice

Michelle Nicholas - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Episode 3 - Second Wave

Erika Eleniak - pokies

Mariska Hargitay - nice

Shawn Weatherly - pokies

Episode 4 - Message in a Bottle

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Shawn Weatherly - sexy

Episode 5 - The Sky is Falling

Erika Eleniak - cleavage

Unknown - sexy

Episode 6 - The Drowning Pool

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Shawn Weatherly - sexy

Unknown - sexy

Episode 7 - Rookie School

Christine Elise - nice

Holly Gagnier - cleavage

Episode 8 - Cruise Ship

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Episode 9 - The Cretin of the Shallows

Erika Eleniak - sexy

Holly Gagnier - sexy

Shawn Weatherly - sexy

Unknown - sexy


The Delinquents


The Delinquents is a drama that begins in Bundaberg in North Queensland in the 50s with Brownie (Charlie Schlatter) who forms a crush on Lola (Kylie Minogue). After initial reluctance from Lola, they fall quickly and deeply in love, then Lola gets pregnant and everything changes. Immediately, Lola is sent away by her mother and Brownie runs away from home to look for her. After a while, he gives up and gets a job on a boat. Later on, he finds her in Melbourne and their relationship begins again, but at every turn their are barriers to this relationship. Will they get through all the hardships and live life together forever? Well... of course they do. An alright romantic drama, probably better suited to those who like these things but the film is perfectly watchable. I do remember a lot of word about the film when it was released, but has been sort of forgotten in the meantime except by the diehard Kylie fans. And boy does Kylie look young here. She must've been about 20.

Kylie Minogue film clips

The collages are below:





samples below each clip

Allison Batty

Devin Schuyler

Esther Claire


Film Clips

Lizzie Brochere in Le roi l'ecureuil et la couleuvre (2011; samples below)

Sonja Richter film festival  (samples below each film)

Ond tro (2010)

Cecilie (2007)

Krystal Freeman in Sweatshop (2009; sample below)

ViVi Sterling in Sweatshop (2009; sample below)

Patricia Chraskova in A l'est de moi (2008; samples below)

Lucy Brown in Sharpes Challenge (2006; sample below)

Trine Dyrholm film festival  (samples below each film)

En soap (2006)

Forbrydelser (2004)

I Kina spiser de hunde (1998)

Marie Bonnevie film festival (samples below each film)

Jeg Er Dina (2002)

Oyenstikker (2001)


Carla Gugino in Jaded (1998; sample below)

Edwige Fenech in Innocenza e Turbamento (1974; sample below)



Jessica Kiper in Sex and Death 101 (2008)

Winona Ryder in Sex and Death 101 (2008)

Pollyanna McIntosh in Sex and Death 101 (2008)

Sophie Monk in Sex and Death 101 (2008)

The women of Spetters (1980)

Eniko Mihalik