"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

Last night's episode.

This time it was Erin Cummings providing the nudity. Her character is dead now, but she keeps getting naked in flashbacks.


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Almost Human


Today the Time Machine goes back for a pair of "Babes in Bondage." Rosita Torosh and Annie Edel are both topless hanging from a chandelier. Annie is the one in the red dress. Things don't end well for the girls. Caps with a clip.



TV Land

Over in TV Land Olympic Gold Medal winner Lindsay Vonn puts on a leg & thigh show for Jay Leno. Caps with an HD clip.



The theme for this contribution is the 70s.

Cleopatra Jones

No nudity in Cleopatra Jones (1973).

Tamara Dobson plays Cleopatra Jones and shows some sensational cleavage.

Lisa Farringer also flashes some cleavage.

Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold

Tamara Dobson also stars in the follow-up Cleopatra Jones and the Casino of Gold (1975), also flashing a lot of cleavage.

Stella Stevens is sexy and, unfortunately, she goes behind a screen to change her clothes.

There are pokies by Tanny

and an unknown is briefly topless.

Just You and Me Kid

Brooke Shields and George Burns star in the entertaining Just You and Me, Kid (1979). Brooke's body double briefly flashes her butt.


The Longest Yard

There is some brief see-through nipple by Anitra Ford in The Longest Yard (1974).

Bernadette Peters adds a bit of sex appeal.


There are some lovely naked ladies in Rosebud (1975).

Brigitte Ariel shows the most, including some brief bush.

In her first movie and in a preview of what was to come, we have Kim Cattrall showing her butt.

Isabelle Huppert shows a brief nipple and her butt.

Debra Berger

and Lalla Ward both show their butts.


Margaret Warncke shows some brief breast in Shaft (1971).

Shaft's Big Score!

There is a lot more nudity in the sequel Shaft's Big Score! (1972).

Kathy Imrie

and Marilyn Hamlin are both topless.

Rosalind Miles shows some brief butt,

and Joyce Walker

and Kitty Jones show some cleavage.

There are also a couple of naked body-painted dancers that are also very sexy.

Shaft in Africa

Even more nudity in the final movie in the trilogy Shaft in Africa (1973).

Neda Arneric


and Zenebech Tadesse are both naked.

Vonette McGee is sexy

and an unknown is topless.


There is a very sexy and naked Valerie Perrine in Slaughterhouse-Five (1972).


I have also included a movie highlighting Valerie's naked scenes.

Super Fly

Sheila Frazer

and a woman I couldn't identify are both naked in Super Fly (1972).

The Night They Took Miss Beautiful

No nudity in The Night They Took Miss Beautiful (1977).

Karen Lamm,

Lillian Muller,

Rosanne Katon,

Sheree North,

Susette Carroll

and Victoria Principal all look lovely.

Trader Hornee

Lots of nudity in Trader Hornee (1970).

Christine Murray,


Elizabeth Monica


and Lisa Grant show the lot.

Francine York and Alice Fredlund have an uncredited naked scene together.

Deek Sills


and an unknown are also topless.

Year of the Yahoo!

There is a topless Leslie Slater in Year of the Yahoo! (1972).

Tomorrow: 70s kitsch with season two of The Love Boat!


The Alice


Film clip of Caitlin McDougall. (Collages below)



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