Quite an interesting issue today. I've been doing this so long that it is almost impossible for me to encounter a vintage nude scene from a major actress that I have never seen before. Today there are two. Not only have I never seen the film clips, but I've never even seen good captures!

The odds against that must be astronomical. Fun for me to see some new sights! Don't miss Linnea's incredible scene in Psycho from Texas and Nasty Kinski's various scenes from Maladie d'Amour.


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The Doors


Part 1 of ?

1280x544 film clips with Meg Ryan. Samples below.







TV Land

it's all from TV Land today. First up HD caps from "Everybody Loves Raymond" with Patricia Heaton
showing off some awesome cleavage.


Mary Hart has been with "Entertainment Tonight" since 1982 and became famous for her fabulous legs. She's 58 now, but those legs still look great. Caps and a HD clip.








Notes and collages



s5, e20

Rose McGowan










Best of Kitana Baker

Part 8 of 8

Kitana Baker is the brunette who was in those catfight commercials for Bud Lite about a thousand years ago. Tempis certainly does fugit. The clips are more than sorta interesting - acres of boobage, some righteous bum and a few long, lingering looks at the bush - certainly nothing to sneeze at.










I messed with those Malin Akerman upskirt pics, but the results are inconclusive.

Milla - modestly topless in Interview magazine

Scream queens Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens - a famous pictorial. You've probably seen it, but if not ... very hot ...


Film Clips

The women of May 6th: Femke Lakerveld, Georgina Verbaan, Tara Elders

The women of Los Anos Desnudos: Goya Toledo and Candela Pena

The women of Testa o Croce: Marina Caselli and Mara Vernier

Maria Forsa in Girl Meets Girl

Sophie Michard in Manatea, les perles du Pacifique. It's an obscure French TV series. She, however, looks great in a shower scene.

Nastassia Kinski in Maladie d'Amour. This is one of two rarities on the docket today. (The next one is Linnea, just below). We have never featured any clips from this movie, and there are only three sub-DVD collages in the Encyclopedia. Mr Skin is in the same boat.

Linnea Quigley in Psycho from Texas. Extremely rare. This is the first time I have even seen a clip. We have only a poor quality collage in the encyclopedia, and Mr Skin has nothing at all! It looks like an incredibly bad movie, and the quality is sub-DVD, but this is a GREAT nude scene. Sample right. The actual date for this film should be 1981 or 1982, not 1975 (per IMDb) or 1974 (as marked in the file name).

The women of Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (2008). Johanna Wokalek. Sample right.

The women of Der Baader Meinhof Komplex. Johanna Wokalek again, this time with Martina Gedeck and Susanne Bormann. Sample right. I believe German law must require every film and TV film to star Martina Gedeck. She makes Depardieu seem like a slacker.

The women of Der Baader Meinhof Komplex. Nadja Uhl. Sample right.