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The Time Guardian


The Time Guardian (1987) is an Australian sci-fi romance.

It is the distant future. A time-traveling city contains all that is left of the human race, but the enemies of humanity can also travel through time. Tom Burlinson and Carrie Fisher are sent ahead to present day Australia and prepare a landing site for the city. Fisher is wounded rather quickly, and is quickly forgotten. The real female lead emerges as geologist Nikki Coghill, who also provides the love interest, and acts as the perfect assistant to Burlinson, who must battle stupid local cops as well as the cyborg enemies, while constructing a stone support for one leg of the city, which he sort of blew up in the opening scene.

It is pretty standard fare with the expected happy ending. The sci-fi element of the film is weaker than it should be because the special effects, which occur mostly in the first few minutes of the film, are ... er ... nothing special.  The project's strengths are the photography of the spectacularly rugged Aussie outback and Nikki Coghill, who is irresistible, so the film works best when when the sci-fi is kept in the background and the enemies aren't on the screen.

Nikki Coghill walks into a pool topless in a long shot.









The Woman in Red


A step back in time for somewhat of a classic scene. Kelly LeBrock entices Gene Wilder with her assets and even provides a surprising flash of bush in this PG rated film!







Notes and collages


Season 3, episode 14 - part 1 (much more to come)

Cynthia Watros








Two paparazzi shots of Sarah Dunn

Michelle Trachtenberg's ass.

I believe this is an upgrade of what we had before.

Sarah Harding paparazzi


Film Clips

Three woman from Cosa de Brujas, an oddball 2003 film from Spain described by one admirer as a "thriller-supernatural-comedy-romance": Lidia San Jose, Manuela Arcuri, and Susana Segorbe.

Sarah Smart in Five Days, a BBC mini-series from last year

Orly Tepper in Radical Jack. This notoriously bad Road House rip-off stars Billy Ray Cyrus and Dedee Pfieffer (my comments) - and it's even goofier dubbed in German! The point, however, is this: I rented a copy from Blockbuster and there was no nudity. Turns out there is an uncut version in which Orly does a nice little nude scene and she looks great!

Since there is not much new stuff floating around today, it seems like an excellent time to do some career reviews. (If you have suggestions for which women to cover in the future, you know where to find me.)

Some people were impressed by the Monica Guerritore film clips from 1985's Photographing Patricia in yesterday's Fun House and asked me about the rest of her career. Voila! Here's some thirty years of uncoverage:


Genevieve Bujold is underrepresented in our film clips. The following clip from Monsignor is from a VHS source and is not so good. The others are A-OK. She got kind of a late start on nudity. She became a recognized international star in 1969 when she played Anne Boleyn in Anne of 100 Days. She was already 27 by the time the film circulated.


Elke Sommer is ... well, she's Elke Sommer, one of the guilty pleasures of youth for some of us older guys.