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Johnny's comments:

Kill Your Friends is a British darkly comic thriller set in 1997 where cocksure A&R manager Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult) is in desperate need for a hit music act to save his job. With a new scout Darren (Craig Roberts) in tow, they go to Cannes and sign up a terrible German dance act Rudi with a song with highly offensive lyrics and a high price tag that'll need to be a big hit and they meet up with hip-hop act Rage whose first album was a hit but two years and £500,000 later, his next album is still isn't ready and his new direction is completely shit. After a terrible night at the Brit Awards, Steven goes back to friend and fellow A&R manager Roger Waters (James Corden) for a night of heavy drug taking to forget, but Roger starts babbling on about how he can turn the company around in a way that makes it sound like he is the new head of A&R, a position Steven covets and is a fit of rage, bashes Roger to death. After news settles in about Roger and the departure the current A&R head after the Rage debacle, Steven is given the job as acting head. His first job is to sign hot indie band The Lazies, a band his secretary Rebecca (Georgia King) had recommended previously but he ignored and he is in competition with hot shot opposition Anthony Parker-Hall (Tom Riley), who is a turn of events, signs the band to the label and is poached to be given the A&R head position. A detective (Edward Hogg), who would rather be a musician, is circling him in regards to Roger's murder. Steven can slowly see his job slipping from him and it's about to get worse when Rebecca works out he killed Roger and blackmails him into a better job. There's only one way out of the mess and it's going to get ugly.

 Nasty movie that has been promoted everywhere as like American Psycho and well the similarities are obvious, but Kill Your Friends forges its own path in a very British way. Hoult is in great form as the despicable Steven, reminiscent of his Skins character which was also great and it's good to see him playing this type of character again. Not for everyone as it gets very ugly, is highly cynical and there are no likeable characters, well in the good sense, but a decent dark ride into the horrifying world of the music industry. Damn disappointing that Georgia King doesn't quite get naked, I've kinda liked her from Tormented (terrible movie though) and Cockneys vs. Zombies, oh and playing a bitch in Wild Child and she plays nasty characters really well.

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