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True Love and Chaos


Johnny's comments:

Back to the archive, where I've come back with the 1997 road movie True Love and Chaos, a film I distinctly remember being very confused and pissed off about. Basically a road movie where Mimi (Miranda Otto) is heading to Perth without her boyfriend Hanif (Naveen Andrews) until he and his friend Dean (Noah Taylor) rob Dean's drug dealing brother Jerry (Ben Mendelsohn) and need to get away fast. So, they tag along for the ride. Then at their first stop, Mimi meets drunken beardo Morris (Hugo Weaving) and has an instant connection to him, but he's an erratic character. Eventually they let him join the trip, but his presence causes friction between Mimi and Hanif and with Jerry following them, it's all going to explode in Perth.

Perfect cast, perfect time but fuck me that second half of the film is a disaster, not as confusing as I remember it to be, but still terrible beyond belief. The 'connection' between Mimi and Morris is an all-time howler that ruins the film completely, not because of what it is, but because it so unbelievable. Made by the co-writer of Love and Other Catastrophes (wondering whether that film holds up, in 1996 that was the "coolest film eva", haven't seen it in over a decade), this had some of the right ingredients (that cast, do I need to say it was perfect again? Also, Miranda Otto c. 1996-1998 = perfect), but that second half. Woof!

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