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Susan Lynch film clips (captures below)







Back to the Australian Classics, let's head to the mid 80s.

Cassandra is a 1986 horror film about Cassandra (Tessa Humphries, daughter of legendary comedian Barry Humphries of Dame Edna and Sir Les Patterson fame) who is having dreams about a young boy, believed to be her brother, murdering someone she believes to be her mother. She is told that it was just a dream by her parents, but then the killings begin, starting with the the model (Susan Barling) who is dating her father behind her mother's back, then her father. Who could it be? Her father's new assistant. Her barman friend. Someone else. And is it really her long lost brother? Yeah, it's not too hard to work out who it is. Not the greatest slasher film, but not all bad either, although I found it to be a bit boring as not a lot happens. Surprisingly, there's quite a bit of nudity from Susan Barling which helps pass the time I s'pose.

Susan Barling film clips

The collages are below:



 This week's theme: 2002


No nudity in Abandon (2002) but Katie Holmes is seen in her underwear.


Some lovely breast exposure by Judy Greer in Adaptation (2002).

Meryl Streep is also supposed to be topless but it is too dark to see anything.

Catherine Keener has some pokies

and Cara Seymour shows some cleavage.

Attack of the 40ft tall incredibly shrinking women

Attack of the 40ft tall incredibly shrinking women (2002) is a rather pointless short movie showcasing big-breasted women. It stars Daphne Rosen, who after this movie started in porn movies. Daphne shows the lot but the film quality is not particularly good.

Eve Tyler is also shown naked

and there are small pokies by an 'actress' who goes by the name of Ms. Midnite.

Banger Sisters

A nice upskirt by Eva Amurri in The Banger Sisters (2002).

Bomb the System

Daisy Rojas flashes her breasts in Bomb the System (2002)

and Jaclyn DeSantis is in her underwear.


Carrie (2002) is a poor remake - it doesn't have the tension, or the nudity of the 1976 original starring Sissy Spacek.

 Angela Bettis is naked but nothing is shown,

as there is with an unidentified woman.

The rest of the women have amounts of sex appeal: Chelan Simmons,

Emilie de Ravin,

Katharine Isabelle,

Michaela Mann.

Catch Me If You Can

No visible nudity in Catch Me If You Can (2002) by Amy Adams

and Ellen Pompeo.

Dark Blue

Kaila Yu is topless in Dark Blue (2002).

Khandi Alexander is in her underwear

and Michael Michele shows a bit of sex appeal.

The Good Girl

Jennifer Aniston is supposed to be topless in The Good Girl (2002). You can lighten the caps but it is hard to know what you're seeing. You certainly can't see the nips for which she is famous.

The Good Thief

Topless nudity in The Good Thief (2002) by Nutsa Kukhianidze


and an unnamed stripper.

Sarah Bridges shows her muscles.

Heart of a Stranger

Heart of a Stranger (2002) shows a sexy Jane Seymour when she gets wet.

Killing Me Softly

Killing Me Softly (2002) has appeared in the FH a number of times and the movie itself is not much chop. But any film that gets Heather Graham naked must have some redeeming features.



Murder by Numbers

Sandra Bullock is her usual sexy self in Murder by Numbers (2002).

One Hour Photo

Some nice nakedness on display in One Hour Photo (2002). Erin Daniels

and an unnamed woman are topless.

Ripley's Game

Some pokies by Lena Headey in Ripley's Game (2002)

and Chiara Caselli is in her underwear.

Run Ronnie Run

No nudity in Run Ronnie Run (2002). Nikki Cox is especially sexy,

and Elisha Choice

and Laura Kightlinger look good.

Second String

Teri Polo is topless in Second String (2002) but nothing is visible.

Second to Die

Some nice nudity in Second to Die (2002) by Kimberly Rowe


and Erika Eleniak looks lovely.


Some pokies by Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man (2002)

 and there are some nice wrestlers in leather.


No nudity in Swimfan (2002) but Erika Christensen

and Shiri Appleby look lovely.

The Mothman Prophecies

Christin Frame is in her underwear in The Mothman Prophecies (2002).

The New Guy

No nudity in The New Guy (2002) but the lovely women are Eliza Dushku,

Illeana Douglas,

Rachael E. Stevens,

Sunny Mabrey,

Zooey Deschane


and some not identified.

Two Weeks Notice

Also no nudity in Two Weeks Notice (2002).

Alicia Witt

and Sandra Bullock are looking good.


Film Clips

Emma Stansfield in Skins, ep43, in HD (2011; sample below)

Amber Heard in The Joneses (2009) in 1080p

Mila Kunis in Boot Camp (2006) She wore nipple patches

Melissa Errico in Dracula (Broadway stage; 2004; various samples below)

She was also topless in Sunday in the Park With George (2002)


Alice Krige in Sharpe's Honor (1994) in HD - low-res index below

Elizabeth Hurley in Sharpe's Enemy (1994) in HD low-res index below


Sarah Lassez in The Brothel (2008)

Andrea Morris in The Brothel

Serena Scott-Thomas in the Brothel



Isabelle Scorupco in Solstorm (2007)

Wendy Rice in Dangerous Passions (2006)



Michelle McCool wardrobe malfunction