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Prelude to Love


Prelude to Love is a softcore for couples. Ashlie Rhey and Jon Hilllard take over a successful modeling agency when their fathers retire. Neither expected to have a partner, and they don't get along well at first. The gig isn't easy, because they are an acquisition target for a competitor who doesn't let little things like laws, rules and ethics get in his way, and has enlisted the help of their top model, Tamara Landry, to help him. Of course, a quick look back at the title will let you know that the kids save the agency and get together. Along the way, they both have unfortunate experiences.

I found it a satisfactory example of couples erotica, a little light on sex and nudity, but carried along by a good story line.

Jennifer DeLucca, Tamara Landry, Ashley Rhey, Doria Rone and Lynn Wolf all show body parts along the way.


Jennifer DeLucca

Ashley Rhey

Tamara Landry

Doria Rone

Lynn Wolf









Beyond the Valley of the Dolls


Today the Time Machine goes way back to 1970 for the cult classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, directed by the "Boob Man," Russ Meyer, and written by none other than film critic Roger Ebert. Surprisingly the nudity is not all that explicit, but we do have some very beautiful women.

Dolly Read starred and she is oh so cute. Some breast exposure.


Cynthia Myers was Playboy's Miss December of 1968, but she just teased us here.


Angel Ray showing off her boobs.

The legendary Edy Williams for some strange reason did not get naked.

Likewise a young Phyllis Davis kept her clothes on, just giving us some leg and cleavage.

Erica Gavin shows off her ample chest.

"Tiny Tots" from Marcia McBroom.

More boobage from Samantha Scott.

Susan Reed goes topless.

And a gallery of unknowns.






Notes and collages


Season 3, episode 13

Cynthia Watros









Complete coverage of the famous Hilary Swank see-through dress, in high quality



One more of Kate Hudson in the thong bikini

And Michelle Hunziker in a less revealing bikini

The paparazzi catch Lucy Clarkson in underpants which are virtually invisible.

Cecile de France in La Confiance regne

Julie Delpy in 2 Days in Paris. I tried to watch this alleged comedy some months ago and made it through about two minutes. Obviously, I missed some nudity!

Kate McKeown in Sweet Kill


Film Clips

Fucking Fernand is an offbeat French war comedy from 1987, per IMDb. I have never seen it. I suppose the point is that it contains some nudity from Charlotte Valandrey, Francoise Michaud, and Isabelle Maltese, who makes a rare appearance without her falcon.

I don't know much about Photographing Patricia either. IMDb describes it as a 1985 Italian psychological drama about incest. "The sexual relationship between a successful woman and her brother, an introverted, hypochondriacal youth, who is also a pornophile." This is the one to see if you're a fan of Monica Guerritore, because the film clips of her nudity comprise 12 minutes of footage (warning: 199 meg download). Also supplying some flesh is Gilla Novak.

Yesterday we had some captures of Maye Choo (gesundheit!) in episodes 2-5 of Honest. Here are the accompanying film clips.

We close out the day with The Tudors. Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, with Natalie Dormer nekkid in episode 2.