The Assignment
This 2017 film, which is in form and content a Robert Rodriguez film which has not actually been created by Robert Rodriguez, was actually written and directed by Walter Hill. If that name sounds familiar to you, but you don't quite know why, join the club. He was quite a successful director in 1982, when his 48 Hrs was a national box office sensation as a starring vehicle for Eddie Murphy, who was then an ascendant star. Hill directed more than 20 films altogether, although none of them really changed the landscape of cinema. My favorite is The Warriors, which is kind of a filmed video game about NY street gangs, but you may also remember The Long Riders, Brewster's Millions, Last Man Standing, Red Heat, Wild Bill and many others.

1982 was a long time ago. Hill was 40 them. He's now 75. He had not been the writer/director on a project since Undisputed (which I don't remember at all) in 2002, and before that was Last Man Standing in 1996. I had no idea he was still alive, let alone creating films. Do not assume because Hill is an old geezer who hasn't worked as an auteur in 15 years that he has made an old man's movie with a sure hand. The Assignment is about as far from that as you can imagine. You might even call it sophomoric. Created in Canada on a low budget, it's a dark and twisted pulp tale about a macho hitman who kills the brother of a famous surgeon. The doc then takes revenge by kidnapping the hitman and performing unwanted gender reassignment surgery on him, turning him into a hitwoman. Once the unsavory killer has recovered his or her strength, well, it seems almost unnecessary to say that he/she will concoct a scheme to get gruesome counter-revenge on the doc.

Unfortunately, it's not a very good "young man's movie":

Rotten Tomatoes indicates that only 22% of the reviews were positive.

It scores only a 5.3 at IMDb, which places it dead last on his filmography as a feature film director.


The film is basically non-stop grotesque violence (who cares) and nudity (now we're talkin'!)

and in 1080hd!!

Michelle Rodriguez is the hitman/woman

Caitlin Gerard is the very adaptable woman who has sex with the hitman when he's a man, then picks the sexual relationship right up again when the killer re-appears as a woman. Hey, it's good to remain flexible.

Lia Lam is just a random woman who is having sex with the wrong person at the wrong time.


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