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Michelle Johnson

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Yo, Tambien


 Yo, También (Me Too) is a movie about Daniel, a man with Down Syndrome who starts his first 'real world' job and instantly falls for his workmate, troubled 30-something party girl Laura (Lola Dueñas). They strike up a friendship, but he wants more and she is reluctant. I kinda liked this movie, it's quite charming and the bloke playing Daniel is really good and likeable and the movie handles the issues quite well with a fairly satisfying ending without pointless sentimentality. 

Lola Duenas film clip (collages below)

53 Days of Winter


I really don't remember much about 53 Días de Invierno (53 Days of Winter), its some ensemble drama of some sort that seems to come around every six to nine months where I invariably record it and forget about it. And being an ensemble drama, I probably hated it...)

Aida Clotet film clip (collage below)

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One imager claimed that brightening revealed a previously unseen nipple from Chloe Moretz in If I Stay. I couldn't really duplicate his excitement, but there's the 1080hd clip if you want to view it, and some samples below.
Joanna Cassidy in Blade Runner (1982) in 1080hd

Sylvia Kristel in Lady Chatterley's Lover (1981) in 720p

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Model/actress Nathalie Kelley at 2014's Burning Man