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The Amityville Horror


1080p film clips

Margot Kidder




Film currently in Canadian theaters and VOD in the United States.

Alison Pill: cleavage.

Brandy Jaques: topless as stripper puckbunny.

a film clip of the scene with Brandy Jacques

Veronica Malinowski: topless as Paris Hilton lookalike puckbunny.

a film clip of the scenes with Veronica Malinowski

Sidney Leeder: making out.

Father's Day


TROMA sexploitation based on a fake trailer and filmed in Winnipeg.

Amy Groening: boob and butt.

Andrea Felldin: topless as waitress.

Cherrie Gunn: topless as stripper.

Zsuzsi: robohooters and buns as chainsaw stripper.

Hailey Riley aka Hailey Sin: full frontal.

Jen Kowalchuk: full frontal

Talya Kornachuk: topless with stripper tats.
(the second cap is from the original fake trailer)

Holly Halftone aka Lady Halftone: topless as redheaded angel.

Braeley Hobbs: babe from Venus Spa web series topless.

Amber Lamps: topless.

unknown: topless angel from poster.

Jynx Vandersteen: topless as stripper.

BONUS: Jynx Vandersteen was also sexy as a stripper in an episode of Cashing In.

Bong of the Dead


Imagine if George Romero directed a Cheech & Chong movie.

Simone Bailly: mostly butt.

Tanzyn Ambrose  & Rose Greenwood: topless as lesbian zombies.

Being Human

US version of UK series and filmed in Montreal. For the February sweeps there were plenty of half nekkid "blood whores" and female werewolfs waking up nekkid after the morning after a full moon.

episode: Addicted to Love (s2e05)

Patricia Stasiak: partial boob as blood whore.

Catrine Beauvais: boob almost popping out of dress.

Meaghan Rath: cleavage.

Dichen Lachman: sort of nude.

Kristen Hager & Tracy Spiridakos:  nude after being she-wolves.

episode: Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like These (s2e06)

Marikym Hervieux: side boob as blood whore in threesome.

Catherine Servedio: bra and panties as blood whore in threesome.

episode: The Ties That Blind (s2e07)

Tracy Spiridakos: brassiere being forced to strip.

'Kristen Hager: nude after being she-wolf.


Sho Nishino and an unknown in Woman Hunting Bijo Kari (2011)

Carice van Houten in The Happy Housewife (2010) in 1080p

Dalila Carmo in Quiero ser uma Estrela (2010)

Barbara Hershey in The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) in 1080p

Today's Italian exploitation classic is Il Viaggio de Capitan Fracassa (1990)

Ornella Muti

Tosca d'Aquino

Emmanuelle Beart


Christina Hendricks cell phone pic. Too much clothing.