Corporate Affairs

 (2008 - a straight-to-DVD that streets in about a month)

Ted begins the film as an eraserhead - the pejorative term used by corporate hot-shots for their techies - but his dedication and proficiency are at such a remarkable level that the company's senior managers choose him to head the IT department, effectively doubling his salary. In his former life as an eraserhead, despite his tendency to be a workaholic, he had been able to balance work with ethics, friendships, marriage, and fatherhood. That balance is not so simple to achieve in his life as an executive. The pressure of competition steers him into compromises with his company's product, and the pressure to fit in to the executive set leads him into a life on the road filled with high-priced call girls. He must ultimately face a choice between his big promotion and his conscience.

This is a classic case of a film which simply couldn't decide on a direction. Is it a satire of corporate life? Is it a cautionary drama? Is it a sexy exploitation film? It has elements of all three, but couldn't seem to commit, so one side of its mouth preaches moral lessons which would be appropriate for the Hallmark Network, while the other side offers a little sleazy softcore in the form of girl-on-girl action.

Ultimately it is not a satisfying film. Only one character is explored in depth, and he narrates, so the film neither breaks from his perspective nor shows anything he cannot see. Breckin Meyer and the rest of the cast do a reasonably good job of delivering the material, but ultimately the story is too lightweight to be a drama and too coy to be an exploitation film. It's just a moral tale which offers truisms as lessons. You learn, for example, that the connection you might feel to expensive prostitutes is not real, and that continuous daily consorting with prostitutes may have untoward consequences for your marital and legal status. Gee, really? Who could have dreamed?

Film clips:

There are two showgirls performing lesbian sex in this clip, but three are listed in the cast. This must be two of those three, but I don't know which two. My guess would be the last two since the cast is supposedly listed in order of appearance, and no other possible showgirls appear in subsequent scenes. But that's just a guess. The three women are Lisa Winner, Jennie Sprohmeier and Christina Storino.

Melinda Page Hamilton

Trish Cleveland. The credits are not completely clear on this ID, but I Googled her and that's definitely Trish. Here is her C.V.


Senior Skip Day

 (2008 - straight to DVD, streets in May)

Senior Skip Day is a high school comedy. Our hero is a nice kid, a low-profile senior who has no problem fitting in, but inadvertently makes himself a pariah when he accidentally blabs the time and location of senior skip day to the principal. The only way he can make up for it is to hold the event at his own house and make it the best gosh-darn party in the history of the universe. He's an enterprising kid, so he finally figures out how to prime the party pump with booze, music and beautiful babes, thanks to his friends, a helpful convict (Clint Howard), a cool mom (Leah Thompson), and some sympathetic professional escorts. While he works to build up the party's momentum, the villainous principal (Larry Miller) will stop at nothing to find the missing seniors and make their lives miserable.

There is a crazy sub-plot about a young cancer victim who died in one of those make-a-wish projects, his final dream being to parachute from an airplane. The sub-plot is integral to the main plot in that the seniors use the boy's funeral as an excuse to leave school. Needless to say, by the time the martinet of a principal has tracked them down, they really are at the funeral. I mention this because the victim was a black kid and the film devotes considerable running time to the funeral, including a gangsta rapper who performs a truly obscene lament for the dead boy, while the audience grooves along. I did laugh at several of the lines in his rap, but I have to admit it that some of the funeral scenes made me a little uncomfortable. The screenwriter tried to walk a fine line between "edgy" and "racist," and I'm not sure he always managed to stay on that line.

Setting that aside, I enjoyed this film. The script is fairly witty, but not so original. As you can see from the description, it is basically a hybrid of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Superbad. Not everything in the film works, but the thing that pulls it all together is the lead, Gary Lundy, who pulls off a perfect Matthew Broderick style performance. He was cast perfectly as a kid who is neither an outsider not a member of the in crowd, but simply a resourceful and likeable guy who wants to fit in fairly well without compromising who he really is. He's everyman. He's us. Lundy spends the entire film making asides to the audience which cannot be heard by cast members who are obviously within hearing distance. It's the same sort of  convention one might see in an Elizabethan play. He breaks down the fourth wall in more ways than that. During his asides he actually comments on the film itself, explaining for example that his high school has the same stock characters and situations as all the other movie high schools: he has secretly been in love since middle school with the prettiest girl in school, who is currently dating the quarterback, and the school is filled with iconoclastic teachers (Norm MacDonald), stoners, vegan activists who secretly crave meat, and a principal cut from the same cloth as Dean Wormer. The film goes so far across the fourth wall that the lead actor and actress talk in one scene as Gary Lundy and Kayla Ewell rather than as their characters, and they spat a bit about the kissing they did in rehearsal. You know what? As clumsy as that sounds on paper, that Lundy kid is so perfect in the role that he manages to make that scene and all of his Shakespearian asides completely charming.

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Unknown girl at the pool party

Dita De Leon

Jessica Morris



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The Quest of the Sex: a Holly Hole


The Quest of the Sex: a Holly Hole is a sequel to a popular Hong Kong category III comedy named The Quest of the Sex: a Rumble in the Women's Empire. A Princess/fairy and her two students, played by comedians Mathew Ng Ting and Chan Chung Wai, are continuing their quest for the Sex, whatever that might be, but sisters Carmen Yeung Ga-Man and Hoh Kan-Yee have a different idea, They want to drink her pussy water, which will supposedly make them immortal. To help them in this task, they recruit Nipple Eye (Le Rong-Rong), Airplane Hitter and Mouth of Ice and Fire to distract the two students from their duty. One of them handles Airplane Hitter effortlessly, but is stopped cold by Nipple Eye. To defeat her, he must obtain the hairy needle from Goo Wai-Jan, which requires sleeping with the elderly goddess.

This entire film was delivered with the filmakers' tongues in deep within their cheeks, and the amazingly bad subtitles just add to the hilarity. This, like many of its ilk, is a terrific entertainment bargain  in the bad movie category, with many laugh out loud moments

Hoh Kan-Yee

Le Rong-Rong









Lolita 2000


Part 2. More soft core erotica with some pretty familiar names offering abundant nudity.


Skylar Nicholas shows breasts getting it on with a guy.

Then Skylar becomes a "Babe in Bondage" as she is tormented by Lisa Comshaw.

Both ladies show it all in caps and three clips.

Lisa Comshaw is left all tied up as Skylar reversed the tables. Full frontal nudity from Lisa.






Notes and collages


Season 3, episodes 10 and 12

Cynthia Watros, episode 10

Cynthia Watros, episode 12








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Boisson in Identificazione de una donna


Christine Boisson in Le Passage

Christine Boisson in Le jeu avec le feu

On the subject of that film: Virginie Vignon in Le jeu avec le feu



A sexy picture of the always-toned Skeletor Spice


Kate Hudson hanging around Miami in a red thong bikini



Maye Choo in various episodes of Honest:

Episode 2
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Film Clips

Three actresses in May 6th: Femke Lakerveld, Georgina Verbaan, and Tara Elders

A nudity classic which is always worth revisiting: Ellen Barkin in Siesta.

We don't usually pay attention to the world of hardcore, but I understand that this is the first-ever boy/girl hardcore for Sunny Leone a former Pet of the year or century or millennium or week or something.