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Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation (2006) is an indictment of the fast food industry, specifically focusing on hamburgers. The film begins by showing how Mexicans are smuggled into the country to work in the slaughterhouses, and demonstrates the terrible conditions there. Other parts of the film focus on the retail outlets.

Although it was made from a non-fiction book, it is not a documentary, but a fictional narrative. The film was supposed to be held together by a storyline about the marketing director for a burger chain who was sent to inspect a meat packing plant in order to find out why their hamburger meat contained cow shit. The slaughterhouse employees include two Mexican sisters. The unmarried sister screws a foreman to get an easy job. Lacking that option, the married one quits the packing plant after one night, but her husband stays. The retail side of the operation is seen through the eyes of a bright young woman cashier.

The fictional overlay is uninvolving, and the film's lessons never get beyond the obvious. It should be unsurprising to most viewers that slaughterhouses do not treat cows or illegal immigrants very well, or that fast food chains do not treat employees very well. It is only marginally surprising that cash registers send every keystroke of every order to corporate headquarters, along with demographic information on the customer who placed the order.

Some people found value in this effort, but I am not one of them, despite the fact that I agree with the message that fast food is dangerous, and that the condition exists because of corporate greed. The film does make its points, but just barely, and nothing about it would help to persuade the unconvinced or edify the uninstructed. 

This is a C-, but not one I am glad to have watched.

IMDb readers say 6.3. The reviews I read were less kind.



Ana Claudia Talancon, as the unmarried sister, shows breasts having sex in the cab of a pickup with her supervisor.











The Red Cockatoo

The Red Cockatoo (2006) aka Der Rote Kakadu is a German movie. Jessica Schwarz is briefly shown topless.

 (Film clip)

Crimson Force

Crimson Force (2005) is an American sci-fi movie. Terasa Livingstone was originally an Australian children's show hostess and is now trying to be taken for a serious actress. She goes topless in the movie but her hair gets in the way.



Plenty of nudity in the French film Ordo (2004).

Marie-Josée Croze is completely naked, especially when she goes swimming.

(Film clips)


Celine Staniero and Nina Morato  go topless, and Marie-France Pisier shows some very nice cleavage.


Ring Finger

Ring Finger (2005) aka L'Annulaire is another French film.

There's plenty of nudity by Olga Kurylenko.

(Film clips)


There are also a few hookers showing some of their goodies in a shop window.


Bob the Butler

Bob the Butler (2005) is a mediocre, entirely predictable comedy starring Tom Green as a butler, as if that's credible. A topless Brooke Shields does the arms over the boobs trick.



No nudity in Cake (2005). It stars Heather Graham and displays her attributes very nicely.


 There is also an interesting upskirt by a model.


Hotel Erotica - Layover

Plenty of nudity in this episode of Hotel Erotica called Layover.

Angela Davies is completely naked
In an uncredited role, Ander Paige is shown topless.
Zophia Lavik is shown in her only IMDB credit
Lavik appears in a lesbonic scene with an actress not listed in the credits.



Hotel Erotica - Talking Dirty

The naked ladies in this episode of Hotel Erotica are:

Teanna Kai (left two), Tina Leiu (right),
Kennedy Johnston,
and Beverly Lynne






Body Heat

Today the Time Machine takes a trip down memory lane with Kathleen Turner in 1981's Body Heat. Ms. Turner was extremely hot in this sexy thriller.








Le Joli coeur

French comedy about a tour guide who uses all his charms to win over the ladies.

Cyrielle Claire








Dead Mary

Dull as dishwater direct-to-video horror with more producers than cast members. With little gore and no skin at all this 2007 video release is prominently billed on the cover as "unrated" but that's either because it was never submitted to the MPAA for a rating or because the reviewer fell asleep waiting for something to happen.

Dominique Swain
Christina Colburn 
Reagan Pasternak
Maggie Castle









Get to know an actress:

Leonor Watling


Leonor Watling Biografía:

Nació el 28 de julio de 1975 en Madrid (España), Leonor Ceballos Watling es hija de un economista gaditano. Su madre, de quien adoptó su apellido artístico, es de nacionalidad británica.

El primer deseo profesional de Leonor era ser bailarina, pero tuvo que abandonar su propósito a causa de una lesión de rodilla. Al margen de la danza, la madrileña es una amante de la música, especialmente del soul y el jazz, habiendo participado en diversos grupos, como la Sociedad Protectora del Soul.

Decidida a ser actriz, sus primeros pinitos los daría en el mundo del teatro, representando obras con carácter amateur en diversos centros culturales. En 1993 y con quince años debutó como actriz en "Jardines colgantes" (1993), película dirigida por Pablo Llorca.

Tras intervenir en episodios de series televisivas como "Hermanos de leche", "Farmacia de guardia" o "Querido maestro", Leonor se afianzó como actriz en la gran pantalla en la segunda mitad de los años 90, especialmente tras ser candidata al Goya por "La hora de los valientes" (1998).

Después de alcanzar cierta popularidad con su protagonismo en la serie de televisión "Raquel busca su sitio" (2000), Leonor Watling logró elevar su status cinematográfico con "Son de mar" (2001) de Bigas Luna, "Hable con ella" (2002) de Pedro Almodóvar y "A mi madre le gustan las mujeres" (2002), comedia por la cual volvió a ser candidata al Goya.

Retomando su carrera musical, Leonor alcanzó el éxito también como cantante en el grupo Marlango.

Algunos de sus últimos estrenos son "Salvador" (2006) y "Tirante el Blanco" (2006), ambos títulos de carácter histórico.




Born in Madrid in July 0f 1975, Leonor Ceballos Watling is the daughter of a businessman from Cadiz and a British mother, whose maiden name she uses professionally.

Leonor's original career aspiration was to be a dancer, but she had to abandon that goal because of a knee injury, although she retained her love of dance and music, especially soul and jazz, and has performed with various musical groups.

When she switched over to theater, her first roles were on stage in amateur theater groups. In 1993 she made her debut as a film actress in Pablo Llorca's "Hanging Gardens." After taking roles in various episodes of such TV shows as "Hermanos de leche," "Farmacia de guardia," and "Querido maestro, Leonor built a solid big screen reputation in the second half of the nineties, especially after her 1998 Goya nomination for "La hora de los valientes."

After attaining popular success as the heroine of the TV show "Raquel busca su sitio," she significantly elevated her prestige level by appearing in featured film roles with some of Spain's leading directors like Bigas Luna ("Son de mar," 2001) and Almodovar ("Hable con ella," 2002). She also received her second Goya nomination in 2002 for a comedy called "A mi madre le gustan las mujeres"

Some of her recent openings are "Salvador" (2006) and “Tirante al Blanco" (2006), two historical dramas.

Recently re-establishing her musical career, Leonor has also achieved some success as a singer in the group Marlango.



Leonor Watling in Inconscientes
Leonor Watling in Malas Temporadas
Leonor Watling in Hable Con Ella
Bonus: Elena Anaya did a full frontal and rear nude scene in Hable Con Ella, albeit far from the camera






Notes and collages

The Believers

... I like this awkwardly paced film about a voodoo cult in present time U.S.A.; the man who played the voodoo master was well cast as he is genuinely creepy ...

... and it's always nice to see Ms. Shaver naked ...

... some movie trivia: in the movie "Body Double" it's Ms. Shaver's sensual gravelly voice dubbed in as replacement of Deborah Shelton's voice ...

Helen Shaver







The Quiet

2005's The Quiet is the kind of movie you tend to remember, because the taboos brought up by the drama/thriller are subjects that most people don't like to talk about, but that exist everywhere around us.

After losing her parents, a teen deaf mute is sent to live with her godparents and their teenage daughter. The daughter is extremely mean and hateful to the girl, but the girl soon discovers there are reasons for the daughter's behavior, and not very pleasant ones.

Any more details would spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it, but this is a very good story, with a great job by the cast. Well worth watching.

Elisha Cuthbert Edie Falco








Dude, Penelope Cruz sucks at award shows. No, really. Look at the picture.

Film Clips


Here are LC's film clips from Decoys 2. These match up with his last column. The quote is from the Upcoming Nude Scenes blog: "The four clips have been combined into one zip file. In the first clip, Kailin See shows full frontal but unfortunately it is from behind a shower curtain. Her right breasts in briefly shown as she grabs a towel. In the second clip, Lindsay Maxwell shows her breasts as her dress falls. Her breasts are then shown again but they are hard to see as tentacles are coming out of her. In the third clip, Margherita Donato shows breasts as she lifts her top and flashes a guy. In the final clip, Natalie Mcfetridge's breasts are briefly shown as tentacles come out of her chest. Decoys 2: The Second Seduction comes out on DVD March 6."