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Elizabeth: The Golden Age



Oscar winner Cate Blanchett's body double

Scobie Malone


Johnny's comments:

Let's go back to 1975 where... I dunno, I wasn't born then...

Scobie Malone is a thriller where playboy cop Scobie Malone (Jack Thompson) is called in to investigate the murder of actress Helga Brand (Judy Morris) at the Sydney Opera House and who Scobie has a brief fling with. As we follow Scobie and his partner Clemens (Shane Porteous) as they investigate, we also see Helga's side of the story, we find out that Helga is really a blackmailer who seduces men of importance, including in this case Walter Helidon (James Condon), a high up politician. Helga asks for $20,000 or their dalliances are made public. But, Helga wants out of the blackmailing business and looks for one big score and when her lover Jack Savanna (Joe Martin) happens across crime kingpin Mr. Sin's (Noel Ferrier) heroin importing operation, they may have their way out. But, Mr. Sin is having none of that. Surprisingly good little, long forgotten potboiler that's carried by Jack Thompson's usual charm and an against type turn from Judy Morris, who's all types of nasty. Also backed up by a fairly decent supporting cast including a pre-A Country Practice Shane Porteous trying to be hip and some quality tail making Scobie Malone a pretty fun ol' watch. And if you ever see it, look out for Bryan Brown playing a cop in what looks like his first ever movie, bafflingly listed as Brian Bronn in the credits.

Bunkie film clip

Judy Morris film clip

Peta Peters film clip

Victoria Anoux film clip

Zoe Salmon film clip

And just for a little extra colour, there's a scene that has subliminal pornographic inserts, which is a interesting little touch to a hidden photography scene.

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