TV Recap

Louise Barnes again provided the nudity in Black Sails (e6)

Jack Snow captured all the nudity in the German series Verbrechen nach Ferdinand von Schirach

Episode 1: Britta Hammelstein

Episode 5: Friederike Brecht

Episode 6: Maxi Locher


Naked News (2-28-14) featured an audition from "Isabelle"
I feel confident saying that this lady will not get hired. You'll see why.


Back in December, Sylvie Testud did a topless scene in the French TV movie Les Deferlantes

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The Great Beauty



Today is Oscar Day, and you will probably see (or have already seen) this film win the Oscar for Best Foreign-Language Film. It will certainly win if they base the award on its nudity, which is abundant. Aesthete has it all in 1080p!

"T.J. Hooker"
The TV caps this week are from T.J.Hooker, which was a TV series that ran for five seasons from 1982 to 1985. The show starred William Shatner and, in particular from a Funhouse point of view, Heather Locklear from series 2. As you’d imagine, there was no nudity but there were some lovely looking ladies.

This week the caps are from season 3 and 4 and were made in 1983 and 1984. There's no nudity, just lots of swimwear and cleavage.

Series 3 Episode 8 The Trial (1983)

Heather Locklear

Series 3 Episode 9 Matter of Passion (1983)

Pamela Bowman

Shawn Weatherly

Series 3 Episode 10 Blue Murder (1983)

Jeana Tomasina

Shawn Weatherly

Series 3 Episode 11 Undercover Affair (1983)

Alexandra Powers

Series 3 Episode 12 Slay Ride (1983)

Sandy Kronemeyer

Sharon Hughes

Series 3 Episode 15 Exercise in Murder (1984)

Heather Locklear

Tracy Scoggins

Not Identified

Series 3 Episode 18 Death on the Line (1984)

Kimberly Beck

Rosalind Allen

Series 3 Episode 20 Psychic Terror (1984)

Vicki McCarty

Series 4 Episode 2 The Two Faces of Betsy Morgan (1984)

Jill Carroll

Jill Whitlow

Series 4 Episode 3 Pursuit (1984)

Cynthia Cypert

Randi Brooks

Not Identified

Series 4 Episode 4 Hardcore Connection (1984)

Deborah Richter

Heather Locklear

Heather Thomas

Cool as Well


Another James Balsamo exploitation. There's other nudity but what stands out is the lead actress in a straight role until near the end when it's discovered she starred in a porn tape.

Lauren Adamkiewicz: boob and butt having sex in porn tape.

"Cat. 8"

Miniseries. Another weather feature.

Kalinka Petrie: very sexy.

Kate Drummond: cougar sexy. 

Maxim Roy: sexy.


(2013 TV movie)

Yet another weather feature!

Miranda Frigon: sexy.



Kyra Zagorsky: cleavage crawling in Jeffries tube.

Jeri Ryan: 7of9 is sexy.


(s1e7; hidef upgrade)

Eve Harlow: very nice sideboob having sex.


le English speaking series from Quebec

Sacré bleu! The only nudity in le last episode was male.

"Une Therapie Avec Ca"

(le web series; aka "Therapy With It")

Marie-Lou Baritou: very sexy as nymphomaniac patient as psychiatrist tries not to look up her skirt.


(le s5e08)

Amelie Simard: very nice cleavage as doctor tries not to look down her top.

Pascale Montpetit: sexy.


le preview du à la next episode: unknown topless à la nue

"Serie Noire"

(le s1e7)

Edith Cochrane: getting her pussy eaten out and then back to some lesbian action.

Vanessa Brown: sexy as hooker.

Christine Lan: sexy as hooker.



Anne-Elisabeth Boss: wearing nothing but a roll of gift wrap (le s1e4)

"Les Jeunes Loups"

(le s1e7)

Catherine Berube and Amelie Simard: having some les lesbian action.

Le Survenant

(2005; aka "The Outlander")

Anick Lemay: topless.

"The White Queen"

(The uncut version in 1080p! Nice!)

Emily Berrington film clips (collage below)

Rebecca Ferguson Part 1 film clips. Part 2, Part 3 (collages below)

Faye Marsay film clips (collages below)

Freya Mavor film clip (collages below)

Eve Ponsonby film clips (sample below)



Edita Vilkeviciute in M Le Magazine du Monde (March 2014)