Rendez-vous (1985) Wadeck Stanczak is a clerk in a rental agency. Juliette Binoche come sin looking for a place to rent. She is an aspiring actress with a bit part in a play, and gives Stanczak a ticket. He goes back stage to see her, and finds her topless and being fondled by a guy. He finds out she lives with the jerk. The three end up in her apartment, but Stanczak and Binoche leave when her boyfriend gets obnoxious. They end up in his apartment, where his roommate, Lambert Wilson, gets obnoxious.

So, of course, Biniche falls madly for Wilson, and wants a platonic relationship with Stanczak.This is the point where Stanczak becomes a full-fledged whiney loser. Then it gets even more French, in other words, stranger. Wilson has a death wish, she survives, he doesn't, she is picked to play Juliet in a play because she can't act, and we never know if she is any good, or if she ends up with Stanczak.

The good news is lots of nudity, including full frontal and rear from Binoche and Caroline Faro, who plays Juliet in a sex show. IMDb readers have this at 6.6 of 10. It won best director at Cannes, and was nominated for most of the Cesar's. Binoche was wonderful. Stanczak ruined the film for me. This is a C-.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    Young Casanova (2002):

    This is a lavish production done for German television which tells a story of a few years in the life of Casanova - his last three years or so in Venice, followed by his arrival in France. It was filmed on location in Venice and Versailles, and features lots of intrigue and lots of sex and nudity.

    Ya gotta love the new Germany!

    The story is basically true to history, although the script took some liberties with some minor historical characters in order to make the story work more economically. Having recently refreshed my memory with Casanova's memoirs, I'd have to say that this production stayed true to the spirit of these adventures and intrigues, even if it changed a few details.

    The brilliant and accomplished young Casanova gets involved in various plots and romances in Venice which eventually lead him to seduce the mistress of his stepfather, the French Ambassador. The Ambassador's jealousy is strong enough to set the couple up to be discovered by the woman's husband, who in turn devises his own scheme to have Casanova thrown in jail. Casanova escapes from the prison after 18 months of solitary confinement, and finds himself starting life over again from scratch as a refugee in France. He seeks revenge against his stepfather, who is now a very powerful man in the court.

    Through artful seductions, charm, and just plain brainpower, Casanova finds a way to ingratiate himself with everyone who is anyone in the world of 18th century France - King Louis XV, Madame Pompadour, the king's ministers, the king's would-be mistress, and even his Casanova's cynical stepfather. Casanova becomes involved in a power struggle between Pompadour and his stepfather, who is by then the foreign minister, but our hero manages to convince both sides that he is working in their interest and, in a sense, he is!

    While he is in France, in his spare time, Casanova invents the French National Lottery (true story), and becomes rich, only to give it all up eventually, just because he needs to move on to other conquests and other adventures. As it turns out, he chooses a good time to leave France anyway, since Louis's weakness is about to result in an ill-conceived war in which France will be crushed by England and Prussia, the aftermath of which will be social conditions conducive to revolution.

    The story is salted with some of Casanova's less cynical romances, in which he made love to women because he loved them, and not as part of his various intrigues, betrayals, schemes, and counter-schemes. Indeed, sometimes he loved the women but used them in his schemes anyway!

    The only thing I found a little distracting is that the lead actor did a blatant rip-off of the Mozart character in Amadeus. He did the same silly giggle, wore the same perpetual smile, exhibited the same charming blend of naivete and brilliant guile, and the guy even looks a bit like Tom Hulce.

    But I don't know if that really makes much difference. The lead character, Casanova/Mozart does seem too familiar, but I suppose that kind of guy was a certain identifiable 18th century type, so the parallel makes sense, and this is a helluva yarn! The scenery and costumes are terrific, the film is sexy, the characters are interesting, it has a unpredictable but appropriate ending, and the English dubbing is quite competent. The DVD consists of a single film made from the TV series. It runs three hours, and it could be shorter because there are some scenes and characters which are not really necessary to advance the story. Be that as it may, I think you'll like this if the premise sounds intriguing to you.




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    The only skin among this year's ten female enominees was Linney's brief flash in Kinsey and Portman's thonged bottom in Closer. But what have the ten nominees shown in the past? You can find the answers in the complete UNcoverage of Oscar night.

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    Crimson Ghost
    NOTE: We currently have to do all of our movie files in zip format. Instead of viewing them online, save the zip files to your hard drive in the directory of your choice, un-zip and play from there.

    Today from the Ghost...a bazillion 'caps and a couple of vids of Ananda St. James baring all in scenes from "Hotel Erotica: Up All Night". She's nekkid on the phone, in the shower, while getting a massage and of course while gettin' it on. The vids feature the phone, massage and shower scenes.

    Milla Jovovich
    (1, 2, 3)

    Mr. Nude celeb 'caps of Milla briefly baring all 3 B's in scenes from "No Good Deed" aka "The House on Turk Street".

    Angelina Jolie
    Renee Griffin
    aka Renee Ammann
    aka Renee Allman

    Flautista 'caps from the who-thought-this-was-a-good-idea sequel "Cyborg 2". Jolie was only 18 at the time and showed off a bit of toplessness for her film debut. B-babe and Daytime Soap actress Griffin also bared her breasts.

    Laura Linney
    (1, 2)

    Heike Makatsch

    Joanna Page
    (1, 2, 3)

    A fantastic batch of collages by ZonononZor featuring scenes from "Love Actually". I've said it before and I'll say it again...this is a very dude-frienfly romantic comedy. The kind of movie both you and your girlfriend can not only watch, but also enjoy together. She'll think its sweet and romantic, and you'll be entertained by comedy and nudity. Besides, this movie is worth watching just to see UK actor Bill Nighy steal every scene playing a 50-something, washed up rock star trying to make a come back.

    As for the nudity, Linney is topless, German babe Heike Makatsch looks smokin-hot in red undies and the ultra-cute Page bares breasts and a bit of bum.

    Lucy Davenport
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Señor Skin 'caps of Davenport baring breasts and doing a little doggy-style in scenes from the UK thriller, "Soho Square" (2000).

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    Gee Whiz!...Ohmigod, I Said "Whiz!" - Rolling Stone compared the new $500,000 fines the U.S. House voted to levy for saying something "indecent" on radio or TV to the fines assessed by other federal agencies. It turns out that saying a naughty word would carry the same fine as illegally testing pesticides on humans. Or for the same $500,000, you could cause the wrongful death of an elderly nursing home patient, create a dangerous mishap at a nuclear reactor, and still have $110,000 left.

  • So if you do cause a nuclear meltdown, be careful what you say.
  • For $110,000, you can make a mild pun on the movie title, "Pooty-Tang."
  • How much would it cost me to test pesticides on a Congressman?
  • We learn from this that cursing is only for the very, very rich.

    Big Man On Campus - The Oxford Union, one of the world's most respected debating societies, has hosted speakers ranging from Winston Churchill to Mother Teresa, but tomorrow is a first: their guest will be Ron Jeremy, star of 1,700 porn films, including "Bang Along With Ron." To parents who question the booking, the Oxford Union librarian said, "Ron is the biggest and apparently the best in the business, so I'm sure he'll have some fascinating stories to tell." A Union spokesman said he's "99 percent sure" Jeremy is the first porn star to speak at Oxford.

  • Unless you count when Bill Clinton was a student there.
  • He IS the biggest, and there's no debating that.
  • His appearance will be videotaped and released under the name, "Deep Thought."
  • Next month, they're back to a more illustrious speaker: Paris Hilton.

    No Roses, Just Pricks - A rumor turned out to be correct: last night on ABC, after spending weeks winnowing down 25 guys and reportedly getting marriage proposals from both finalists, "The Bachelorette" Jen Schefft stunned an audience of romance-besotted women by telling the guys she'd decided she'd rather just be friends. It was taped in advance, and People magazine had claimed she's already dating her boss. It was taken as a bad omen for the show, whose ratings have nosedived in recent seasons.

  • Their only hope is to rename it "Confirmed Bachelorette" and bring in 26 lipstick lesbians.
  • The audience felt cheated out of the warm glow that comes from seeing two total strangers swear their eternal love for three weeks.
  • Next season, they're moving to Utah and letting one guy marry all 25 women.