Gefangen: Der Fall K

2018 TV movie, 720p

Julia Koschitz


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s4e5, 1920x1080

Dianne Doan

Sexy Evil Genius

Katee Sackhoff

and Michelle Trachtenberg look good in Sexy Evil Genius (2013).

Blue in the Face


Mel Gorham film clip (collages below)

Seyneb Saleh in Mute (2018) in 720p

Kelly McCart and Katrina Grey in Locked Up (2017) in 1080hd

Sofie Jo Kaufmanas and Mette Sondergaard Nielsen in Afgang (2017) in 720p

Barbara Grau in Crimes Parfaits (s1e4) in 720p

Valeria Golino in Spanish Judges (2000, 1080hd)

The titular judges are a pair of antique dueling pistols for which the characters in this film kill and are killed. If that sounds too much like "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels," it is just a coincidence. The movies have nothing else in common.

This is basically a one room, five character play, in which Matthew Lillard plays a con man, a cruel shark who comes into the life of some small time crooks who unknowingly possess an immense treasure worth million of dollars. One by one, Lillard gets the ear of the small timers, in each case planting seeds of doubt in the ears of his listener about his erstwhile partners. Lillard schemes up new splits and new deals with each of them against the others, all the while planning to kill them all and take everything.    

The film features some off-beat concepts and some bizarre characterizations by the leads, including Vince d'Onofrio and a young girl who claims to be from Mars, and who genuinely demonstrates supernatural powers on two separate occasions. (WTF???)

The only really interesting and clever element of the film is the dramatic irony created by  Lillard's descriptions of incidents in his life, accompanied by visuals of what really happened. The audience always knows he is lying, although the other characters do not.

I thought the movie was an OK time-waster in the category of "It's on cable and I can't sleep," but my former colleague (Tuna) thought it was just plain bad.