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A tiny bit more nudity in season three of House of Cards: Kim Dickens in episode nine

There was some brief, fleeting nudity on Black Sails, but it was not worth capturing - just anonymous background prostitutes in the frame for a split second.

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season two in 1080hd

today: episode nine

Isolda Dychauk


Four Times That Night


Brigitte Skay

Come Play With Me


Brigitte Lahaie


TV section:

Ghost Whisperer

For the next few weeks I thought I’d dedicate to Jennifer Love Hewitt and, in particular, her cleavage, starting with Ghost Whisperer. In this show, JLH plays a woman who has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts who hadn’t yet passed over. Invariably, the dead are trying to send messages to the living, which is where JLH comes in. Personally, I felt the basis of the show was shite but the eye candy provided by JLH and a few others made it worth the watch. These caps come from the first season and were made in 2005.

Episode 1 Pilot

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 2 The Crossing

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 3 Ghost, Interrupted

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 4 Mended Hearts

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 5 Lost Boys

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 6 Homecoming

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 7 Hope and Mercy

Jennifer Love Hewitt

When I saw one of the outfits JLH wore in this episode my thoughts were immediately cast back to the Seinfeld episode with the puffy shirt - what a shocker.

Episode 8 On the Wings of a Dove

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 9 Voices

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 10 Ghost Bride

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Episode 11 Shadow Boxer

Aisha Tyler

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Sonia Braga


Tu dors Nicole

(le 2014 movie; aka "You're Sleeping Nicole")

Recent Quebec DVD release.

Julianne Côté: bare ass, partial boob getting nude out of bed.

Catherine St-Laurent: nipples visible underneath wet brassiere


"Parks and Recreation"

(tv series)

This US NBC comedy cable series ended recently after seven seasons. Canadian ex-pat Mara Marini played the porn star-turned politician Brandi Maxxxx.

Mara Marini: sexy as cardboard figure.


Mara Marini: very nice bikini shot.


(tv series, episode: "M. Domestica," s2e06)

Kyra Zagorsky: partial boob in sex scene.


(le english speaking series, episode "Tables," s2e06)

Obligtatory strip club episode where the lesbian cop, Beatrice, played by Mylène Dinh-Robic, dated half the dancers.

Mylène Dinh-Robic: cleavage getting eaten out.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood: diving for pearls in Mylène's cooter.

Tattiawna Jones: Strage Empire in brassiere after getting out of wet blouse.

Leyda Aleyli: sexy as stripper.

Émilie Leclerc: sexy as stripper.

strippers: Bea dated that one, maybe next week, maybe if she puts a bag over her head, that one, she's got crabs, that one...


Laurence Leboeuf: very nice buns in bra and panties in last week's episode. (s2e05)

Céleste Dubé: upskirt in last week's episode. (s2e05)

Émilie Leclerc: very sexy as hotdog waitress in unknown production (2014 demo).


(la french speaking series, la saison trois, le s3e04)

Léa Roy: having some bawe ass sex standing up, later brassiere visible under shear blouse. Sadly this is her last episode.

"Unité 9"

(le tv series, le s3e13)

An earlier episode where Patricia Larivière makes a hell of an entrance as a stacked nurse who gets all the lesbian prisoners lining up to give urine samples hoping of getting a further cavity search.

Patricia Larivière: very nice cleavage.

Three of a Kind

(2012, short)

US short starring Chasty Ballesteros a few years before she found out she can get more regular parts by taking off her top.

Chasty Ballesteros: sexy

unknown: bikini top.

Familiar Spirits

(2014, short)

UK short starring nudie model Partial Victoria.

Portia Victoria: boobs and butt, mounting guy with strap-on dildo.


Hillbilly porn has been around for at least 40 years, i.e., the 1973 Sassy Sue starring Colleen Brennan.

But as as late as last year last year I couldn't find any Albino porn but now the sites are finally popping up.

In regular television productions such as Jaime Murray in Defiance this can only be achieved by using a ton of heavy makeup but it easily shows.

TV and Film Clips

Anna Przybylska in Vulture (2013) in 720p

Cherilyn Wilson in Chain Letter (2010) in 1080hd. (The other woman is Madison Bauer.)

Jordan Ladd and Gabrielle Rose in Grace (2009) in 1080hd



A young Sophie Marceau shows off a spectacular figure in L'Etudiante - in full 1080hd!

Pics and Collages

Maitland Ward continues her World Tease Tour

Miley Cyrus in V (uncensored)

Mr Skin has identified the miscellaneous naked women in The Immigrant

Jicky Schnee

Maja Wampuszyc

Susan Gardner

Dagmara Dominczyk