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Terminator 3


Kristanna Loken: 1920x800 film clip. Collages below







Dr. No


Yesterday we had Ursula Andress in the seventies. Today the Time Machine goes all the way back to 1962 for Ursula as a Bond girl in "Dr. No". Sadly no nudity, but she was such a babe. This one makes  me feel really old when I realize this was 47 years ago, but it seems like just yesterday. Caps and a 1080 HD clip.




TV Land

Over in TV Land  - two newsbabes, Tracy Byrnes & Cheryl Casone (she's the blonde) of Fox Business News, having a leg duel.








Notes and collages



s5, e17

Rose McGowan










Best of Kitana Baker

Part 3 of 8

Kitana Baker is the brunette who was in those catfight commercials for Bud Lite about a thousand years ago. Tempis certainly does fugit. The clips are more than sorta interesting - acres of boobage, some righteous bum and a few long, lingering looks at the bush - certainly nothing to sneeze at.









Sex Drive


Special unrated edition

According to the filmmakers, the Blu-ray unrated version of this 2008 American Pie wannabe is loaded with additional nudity, and it apparently is, but the way they chose to do it is pretty lame: they simply superimposed shots of nudes running around over scenes in the existing movie. (This film clip illustrates) They also added time by including outtakes and bloopers at the appropriate spots in the movie. None of this succeeded in making the comedy any more than it was, a pretty mediocre coming-of-age flick with nothing new or novel. I think it safe to say you've seen EVERYTHING in this flick before. It has plenty of funny bits, but it also is filled with same 'ole, same 'ole.

Ian is an 18 year-old nerdy-type who is still a virgin. He is quietly in love with Felicia, but she is his best friend and romance is out of the question, because they're buds.

When an internet romance promises a red-hot night of sex, Ian decides to make a 900-mile road trip to meet the chick, accompanied by Felicia and his other best friend, Lance. To do this, he steals his older brother's 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge, while older bro is off to the motorcycle races.

As you might guess, everything in the world goes wrong, leading up to a fairly predictable too-good-to-be-true ending.

Yeah, it was cute, and if you watch the unrated version, you'll certainly get your full of full-frontal nudity and raunchiness, but there's simply nothing new or unpredictable in this movie, so on a scale of 10, I'd have to say a 5 tops.

Brea Bennett Bridgette B Caley Hayes
Capri Cavalli Katrina Bowden various







(1999 TV series) [1999-2000]

Fox television series about the movie industry which quickly got buried due to non-stop bleeping language.

Illeana Douglas: one of the best upskirts featured on network television

Jennifer Lyons: wearing enough duct tape on her breasts to provide for the entire cast of Friends

Cindy Ambuehl: sexy as gold digging ex-wife

Sandra Bullock: sexy as herself as producer's girlfriend

Kara Zediker: downblouse as grieving widow of director


episode "Dead Man Floating"

This episode deals with the casting of a body double. But even on the uncut DVD all the nudity by the body doubles is heavily blocked out.

Tamie Sheffield: softcore porn actress as Number 2

Serenity: porn actress as Number 5

Tracy Dali: b-movie actress as Number 3

unknowns: Number 4 looks really familiar



"Urban Legends"

season 2

episode "Lost and Found"

Female corpse comes back to life after her dress is removed because it's contaminated with a knockout drug. Angelina Polska: cleavage

episode "Bad Calls"

Female college student recruited to seduce terrorist finds out it's a prank by some frat guys to sleep with co-eds. That's how both George Bushes met their wives. Angelina Polska: bra and panties having fully clothed sex

episode "Family Affairs"

Mother gets pregnant because her promiscuous daughter stole her birth control pills and switched them with Flintstones vitamin tablets. That's how little Britney Spears got her baby sister Jamie Lynn. (unknown: brassiere having fully clothed sex)


"Wild Roses"

episode "Love and Loss"

Newcomer Jeananne Goossen shows a ton of cleavage.


"Sarah Connor Chronicles"

season II

episode "Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep"

The sex-with-robot angle heats up when female terminator Cameron (Summer Glau) parades in front of John Connor
in her bra and panties. Some must watch while some must be half naked


"The L Word"

Season 6

episode: "Leaving Los Angeles"

Daniela Sea plays Max, a bearded pre-op transsexual who is topless and visibly pregnant.





Sex comedy released to DVD recently. Former Canadian b-movie actress turned Los Angeles sex therapist Annie McAuley has the double role as hot tubbin' nudist and lady with joint. This is 20 years after her first nude scene in Loose Screws.








Paz de la Huerta in Purple magazine


Valerie Kaprisky in Superbiester

Melissa Theuriau ("The world's sexiest news anchor") caught topless poolside


Film Clips