Blowup (1966) scores a lot of firsts. It was the first Antonioni film made in English. It was the first breast exposure from Vanessa Redgrave. It was also the first full frontal in a mainstream film. The plot is easy to relate, but the meaning of the film has been endlessly debated, and will probably never be settled.

A photographer has just finished shooting a photo essay in a flop house for a coffee table book, and goes to a park for some recreational shooting. He spots Vanessa Redgrave with an older man and becomes curious. He stalks them, taking shot after shot, but she sees him, and demands the film. He tells her she can have it later. She shows up at his studio, and demands the film. After tricking her into sex, he gives her a different roll of film, and develops the shots of her. He is looking a the prints, when he notices that Redgrave is neither looking at the camera, nor the man she is with. He proceeds to make blowup after blowup, eventually figuring out that the man was shot by someone in the bushes. When he goes back to the park, he indeed finds the body, but his shots are missing when he returns to his studio. He tries to get someone to go view the body, but can't. When he returns alone, the body is gone. He starts watching a mimed tennis match with a group of mimes, and eventually buys into their reality.

My read is that Antonioni is examining the nature of reality (is it objective or subjective) and the role of the artist in creating reality. A friend of the photographer paints abstracts, and confides that he has no idea what they mean when he paints them. It is only later that they take on meaning. Obviously, this was also true of the shots in the park. Not only that, but the biggest enlargements looked much like the abstracts.

The photographer buys an old wooden propeller, and tells Redgrave it is beautiful because it is useless. The photographer clearly has his own reality, which he partially creates, but, in the end, accepts the group reality at the faux tennis match. There are no photos and no body. Did the murder really take place? Antonioni never answers the question.

We have breasts from Redgrave, partial breast and buns fro Verushka playing herself, and full frontal from Jane Birkin and Gillian Hills as two wannabe models who provide some comic relief in the middle of the film. IMDb readers have this at 7.4 of 10. It won numerous awards and nominations. The photography, in typical Antonioni fashion, is very nice. The film is also a jab at the new morality of the mod London 60s, and even includes a controversial pot party (which further blurs the entire question of reality). I enjoyed every moment of this film, although it was not heavy on character development, nor was it heavy on plot, and really did not have a lot of pace. Antonioni has told a complex story with images, and it is a compelling one. The genre is pretty much Antonioni, and this is one of his most accessible films. B-.

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    Today from the Ghost...Jennifer Lawrence baring all 3 B's as she showers and gets it on in scenes from an episode of the late night cable series "Hotel Erotica".

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    Horror/thriller from 2004 tries hard, but winds up being just average. Acting is good, plot is decent, but it's been done before and doesn't stand out.

    When a young psychiatric intern reports to a mental hospital to work, he is aghast at the conditions, and of course decides he must set things right. As his stay lengthens, he finds indications that there are otherworldly forces at work. Or, is he just getting as nutty as the residents? Even Sara, another intern who befriends him, is beginning to have doubts.

    It's a good effort, just not outstanding, and a nice twisty ending make it worth watching. Jordan Ladd, who plays Sara, didn't hurt either.

    Scarlett Johansson Here is a great set of images by C2000 from "A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004). We see much of a very large breast in a partial side view. This should be the cover shot of the next issue of 'Holding Your Own Boobs' magazine.

    Don't forget....Today on DVD! Catch Scarlett lending her voice to the character of Mindy in "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie"!

    Kyra Sedgwick Mrs. Kevin Bacon showing some great pokies as well as her robo-boobs in love scenes with her husband in scenes from "The Woodsman". This is the indie film with Bacon playing a pedophile. Scoop's review talks about this controversial and well executed film in detail.

    Eva Derrek (Derrick)
    Lorielle New
    (1, 2)

    LC 'caps from another movie not yet available on home video! Both are topless and New also bares a bit of bum in scenes fro the Jeff Fahey movie "Corpses" (2004).

    Brigitte Lahaie
    (1, 2)

    Kitt 'caps of the beautiful French porn star going topless and full frontal in scenes from the Euro-softcore movie "La Nuit des traquées" aka "The Night of the Hunted", directed by Jean Rollin.

    Elena Anaya
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    Flautista 'caps of the Spanish actress showing off her lovely, all natural chest in scenes from "Rencor" (2002). American audiences may recognize her from "Van Helsing".

    Abbie Cornish
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    Johnny Moronic 'caps of the Aussie actress topless and baring her bum in scenes from "Somersault" (2004).

    Pat Reeder www.comedy-wire.com
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    A Money-Losing Enterprise - Friday, outside Paramount Studios in Hollywood, about 100 "Star Trek" fans protested the cancellation of "Star Trek: Enterprise," which currently ranks a lowly 150th in the Neilsen audience ratings. None were in costumes, but they did have professional-looking laminated badges and printed protest signs, reading, "It's Not Just a Show, It's a Responsibility." They are so desperate, a group called Trek United has raised $48,000 in donations to give to Paramount to help produce another season of the show.

  • That's only enough to produce one season of the first "Star Trek" series.
  • $48,000 won't even pay for the prosthetic foreheads.

    Cat-astrophe - The big news from Saturday's Razzie Awards was that Halle Berry actually showed up to accept her Worst Actress award for the Worst Movie winner, "Catwoman." She pretended to be thrilled, saying, "Oh my God! I never in my life thought I would be here, winning a Razzie!" She later said her mom used to tell her she couldn't be a good winner if she wasn't a good loser, but "I hope to God I never see these people again."

  • Her acceptance speech was actually the worst acting of the year.
  • Look on the bright side: "Catwoman" was so bad, it made everyone forget "Gothika."

    Humming Along Nicely - "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher told FHM that after her divorce, she went for four years without sex, and "I thought about a male hooker. It would be like getting your carpet cleaned and there was a spot they didn't get out. You would feel safe saying, 'I need you to get this spot out, or I'm not paying you.'" But she now says, "I don't know what I need a man for - I've some fabulous electronics to use instead."

  • What housewife isn't looking an appliance that provides the best spot treatment?
  • She's now engaged to an imaginary boyfriend named Buzz.
  • A lot of Internet geeks were hot for her, but she was never THAT desperate.
  • She should've called me: I'm renowned for my charity work.