Bush apologizes to Satanists
Republican candidate George W Bush apologized to Satanists yesterday for speaking at Bob Jones University. The leaders of Jones have likened Satanism to Catholicism, and the Antichrist to the Pope. "I wrote a personal letter to the Antichrist", said Bush, "apologizing for my previous remark that he was just a big pussy no scarier than the pope". Bush wants all Satanists to know that he meant no offense to them, and that members of his own family have often participated in Black Masses and orgies with loose women and cocaine. Democrats responded that he should have clarified that the specific member of his family that he was referring to was himself.
Gore's calendar
Democratic candidate Al Gore spoke to an NAACP dinner over the weekend, saying "I'm honored to be speaking to you during Black History month. This is a leap year, so there is an extra day in Black History month, which is truly da bomb diggity". Gore went on to explain that he was down, and it was all good and jiggybaby when he invented the calendar, and that he himself was a bad-ass gangster motherfucker, but felt it was regrettable that black people got stuck with a "motherfucking dinky-ass ghetto month like February in the first place".
Blinky's Runway Snaps
Eugenia Silva (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8) This is Day Three of Silva. No flesh, glam only.
WhyScan's Page Three Report
Leilani yesterday, 20, from Bournemouth. (#1, #2, #3, #4)
Page Three Gold: Elke Kellick, 6 January, 1986.
Requested: Misha (1, 2)
Bonus. Did you read about the Austrian retailer that promised free clothing to the first 25 naked people who showed up at their door. (Remember this is Austria in February). Well, a good portion of Vienna thought they would turn the thing into an event, and they had lines of naked people waiting for the free clothing. (Vienna, once my home, has a notoriously and refreshingly casual attitude toward public nudity).Here's the picture.
Frodo's Page Three PLUS
Susan Kiger (#1, #2, #3) Frodo's comments: "Before Teri Weigel became Playboy's bad girl, there was January, 1977 Playmate Susan Kiger. Before she was a Playmate, she played a role in this epic, "Deadly Love"
DB's Nekkid Opera
DB is the undisbuted titleholder in the naked opera arena, and one of the princes of the rasslin' ring. He has both today
Tori (1, 2, 3) at WWF's "No Way Out". DB reports that there is supposed to be a loose nipple somewhere. Maybe it's in that piledriver where she is upside-down and falling out. Try the third collage.
Christine Schafer (1, 2, 3, 4) OK, it's not technically an opera, but certainly high-brow music (Schonberg's Pierrot Lunaire), and she's purty dad-burned nekkid, not to mention feathery. I see that I don't understand a visual presentation of Schonberg any more than I understand his music.
Alicia Witt
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Much More Ado About Nothing. Five more collages of Alicia Witt's vaunted "nude" scene on the Sopranos Thursday night. First three from Unique1, next from Cambo, last from Graphic Response.)
El Kabong
Pipi Anderssen Swedish pornbabe in 1985 penthouse Ppread.
Pipi Anderssen Swedish pornbabe in 1985 penthouse Ppread.
Rebecca Romijn got milk? in FHM
Leslie Bibb non-nude from FHM
Leslie Bibb non-nude from FHM
Rachel Leigh Cook non-nude from FHM
Rachel Leigh Cook non-nude from FHM
Ines Sastre at the SanRemo 2000 show (with Pavarotti)
Victoria Silvstedt Naked in a Swedish magazine about pornography
His Alicia Witt caps appeared earlier.
Tawny Kitean (1, 2, 3) vidcaps from the immortal cinema classic "The Perils of Gwendolyn in the Land of the Yik-Yak"
Teri (1, 2) more WWF action from No Way Out
Kathleen Robertson crow had his hopes up after seeing the "n" for nudity in TV Guide, but Robertson only showed the side of a breast. Looked mighty good, though.
Elizabeth Hurley (1, 2, 3, 4) DVD vidcaps from "Kill Cruise", She finally shows the goodies in the last one.
Humor In several states they now punish sex offenders by making them have sex with Winslet. What's so bad about that? She goes on top.
Anna Sahlin A non-nude Swedish babe from Satan. Say what? Even the Prince of Darkness is doing non-nudes now? When will this curse end? I guess evil isn't what it used to be. Next you'll tellme they're showing Mary Poppins in the in-house cable in Hell. Hey, come to think of it, constant non-nudes would be hell for me. I guess ol' Lucifer ain't so dumb after all.
Angela Marie Dutchins Non-nude vidcaps from "Jack of all Trades"
Angela Marie Dutchins Non-nude vidcaps from "Jack of all Trades"

Members Bonuses

a "Object of Obsession", from Tuna

Erika Anderson is back again. That Twin Peaks girl shed her clothing in yet another stinker. Tuna pointed out that Zandalee is The Maltese Falcon compared to this one. His comments:

"The basic plot concerns a divorcee (Erika) who takes a chance on a spontaneous relationship with a wrong number. She finds herself imprisoned in a warehouse loft that he has furnished for this purpose. She does eventually get her revenge. Erika is older than in Zandalee, and has lost that youthful freshness that made Zandalee worth watching. The images include on of the best butt shots that I have capped to date. (#4)"


(#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13) "Random Hearts", from Tuna

Sorry, no review. Tuna watched it; I didn't. The good news: Tuna kicked ass on obtaining the release, and you are seeing it on the release date. He also got Stigmata in advance. The bad news. This one has very minimal nudity. The models are teases only, and Kristin Scott Thomas showed her breasts only in two very dark frames. (The last two) The worse news: Stagmata has nothing cappable at all.

KST (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6) Models backstage (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)


Scans and comments from Stone Cold

Scoop - did you see that Al Gore made a speech to the leaders of the NAACP filled with references to Black History month? Crack me the fuck up. Yeh, that mofo really in tune with the throbbin' heartbeat of the African community. Sad thing is this. He probably get 90% of the black vote in November.

George W Bush - that mofo never went to public schools or played any hoops, so he probably never saw any non-white people except on the WB. He probably think we all named Wayans.

Bill Bradley? Well, I got to respect a candidate with a solid jump shot, and anybody who can take mofo'n Princeton to the Final Four gotta be one mofo'n player, because those other four little rich white poindexters on the team probably learned to play hoops in the backyard goin' one-on-one with the mofo'n butler. But Dollar Bill ain't goin' far in this election. He got about as much chance of beatin' Gore as he got of takin' a rebound from Shaq.

John McCain? Ain't John McCain the same cracka who play the mayor of munchkinland? I don't know she-it anout that little war hero dwarf hot temper mofo, but he kind of an ugly vindictive sore loser mofo, like if he get no pussy some day, the next day he bomb the shit out of somebody. And when the president bomb the shit out of someone, it always a bad time for those of the darker hues. President never order any smart bombs on mofo'n Switzerland or Finland or any white people places. Lucky for the brothas, we far back in the bombin' line behind some oil mofos, but we worryin' because a lotta bros name Mohammed, and we don't want them Presidents to get confused an' think we got any oil wells.

Here the pics: Neve Campbell, same old same old. Striped outfit, saggers. Cher. I blew it up too much to be a good picture, but it looks like some dark circles under the dress. Maybe just them age spots that old people get. Yamila Diaz, in SI. Plastic guns? Elke Jeinsen, playwatch babe. Madonna. Gotta like Madonna. She like brothers. She hate clothing. Amy Lynn Miller, more silicon than the Intel plant Kate Moss. Topless swimmin' in public again. Fuck. All the women in the world, and our luck this one like clothes the least. Pestova keeps it on and this wench takes it off. Go figure. Chandra, almost unholstering the guns in SI Jennifer O'Dell, little dinosaur girl, gives an OK look at her guns Carre Otis, SI bikini Sherrie Rose, Femme Fatales, nude but not much showin' Alina Thompson, Femme Fatales, nude but nothin' showin' Veronica Varekova, see-through from SI. Estella Warren, in SI. I thought this was the best picture in SI, but this ain't Estella's good side.

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