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This concludes Aesthete's complete nudity recap of the "Weeds" series.

s8e5, 1920x1080

Jessica Kiper

Up next: Vinyl. It wasn't long ago, but some nude scenes are already classics!

This week continuing the British, with movies and TV from the last century.

School for Sex


Lots of nudity in School for Sex, especially in the disc extras, by:

Amber Dean Smith

Amber Dean Smith in the extras

Cathy Howard

Cathy Howard in the extras

Cindy Neal

Françoise Pascal

Françoise Pascal in the extras

Gilly Grant

Jacky Berdet

Jacky Berdet in the extras

Maria Frost

Nicola Austin

Rose Alba

"Mary" (character name; actress unidentified)

Sylvia Barlow

Sylvia Barlow in the extras

Lots not identified

Satan's Blade


Mary Seaman

Entre Las Piernas


Cristina Brondo film clip (sample below)

Maria Mar Guzman and Marta Herrero film clip (sample below)

Victoria Carmen Sonne in Holiday (2018) in 1080hd

Mariah Bonner and Anabella Casanova in Mask Maker (2011) in 1080hd



Selma Blair in the new VF

Malia Obama