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Episode six of this year's Black Sails featured:

* a very fleeting glance at a beautiful, anonymous topless pirate wench

* a sex scene between Blackbeard and Sylvaine Strike, playing a character not previously seen

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"The Bastard Executioner"

episode three

Eloise Lovell Anderson


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a TV series based on a comic book of the same name. The first season was set in the 1940s and the Nazis kept making their appearance. The last two seasons were set in the 1970s. Wonder Woman was played by the very lovely Lynda Carter whose assets were enhanced by the sexy outfit she wore, especially when she was hanging upside down! The show only lasted for three seasons.

These episodes are from the second and third seasons, and were made from 1977 to 1979.

Season 2 Episode 5 Knockout (1977)

Lynda Carter

Season 2 Episode 6 The Pied Piper (1977)

Eve Plumb

Lynda Carter

Not Identified

Season 2 Episode 7 The Queen and the Thief (1977)

Juliet Mills

Lynda Carter

Season 2 Episode 8 I Do, I Do (1977)

Lynda Carter

Season 2 Episode 9 The Man Who Made Volcanoes (1977)

Lynda Carter

Season 3 Episode 5 Disco Devil (1978)

Ellen Weston

Kerry Sherman

Season 3 Episode 6 Formicida (1978)

Lorene Yarnell

Season 3 Episode 8 Skateboard Wiz (1978)

Cindy Eilbacher

Lynda Carter

Season 3 Episode 13 Going, Going, Gone (1979)

Lynda Carter

Season 3 Episode 18 A Date with Doomsday (1979)

Taaffe O’Connell

Film/TV Clips

Amy Hart, Brandy Mason and Megan Harper in Plan 9 (2016)




Leonor Watling in Oxford Murders (2008) in 1080hd

The curvier young Drew Barrymore in Bad Girls (1994) in 1080hd


This according to Batty for Nudity: Briana Evigan (Nude Debut-T&A), Kerry Norton (Full Frontal) & Roxy Olin (Nude Debut-Breasts) in ToY (2015)

Anna Friel

another look at the Gigi Hadid wardrobe malfunction