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The Devil's Tomb


Today we have Holly Weber with a brief scene from "The Devil's Tomb." Holly with some nice T & A. Caps with an HD clip.

Scoop's note: Tomb? The Devil is dead? How come nobody tells me these things? I would have sent flowers.



Horror Rises from the Tomb


Then the Time Machine returns to 1973 for Esther Santana in 'Horror Rises From the Tomb". Nice breasts from Esther, but stupid Paul Naschy kills her, so watch that last cap - it's bloody. Caps with a clip.





Resident Evil: Apocalypse


Milla is back in her tank. Aesthete finishes off part 3 of his 3-part overview of the Milla nudity in this series.

Milla 1920x800 film clip (samples below)



"Miss Canada Pageant"


Turning back the time machine to when gameshow host Jim Perry ruled the Canadian airwaves, here's 21 year old Miss Ottawa Valley aka future hefmag hefmate Shannon Tweed before she got a nose and boob job. She only came in fourth but the winner Catherine Swing had to settle with marrying smarmy gameshow host  Fergie Oliver instead of bedding the hefman and shacking up with a rock star.

Shannon Tweed

Shark City


Recently released comedy which has a nice topless scene near the beginning but afterwards it's all downhill.

Talia Russo: boobs and buns

Zsuzsanna Cseh: topless showing her jumbo jacks

Samantha Gutstadt: topless but wearing pasties

Eva Redpath: brassiere

Skye Collyer: sexy

Ruth Kearney: sexy

Christina Bilyk: sexy

Viveca A. Fox: sexy

Some of the female cast in earlier roles:

Skye Collyer: bra and panties in Urban Legends tv episode

Zsuzsanna Cseh: pre-robohooters in 2001 Leap Years episode.

Love & Savagery


Irish-Newfie co-production shot in Ireland but suprisingly not starring Colm Meanie or Mary Walsh.

Sarah Greene: Irish actress topless

The Thaw


Another bad sci-fi film.

Steph Song: partial boob in candiru sex scene.

Martha MacIsaac: forced to strip but no nudity.



One of those gay movies but with no nudity, male or female.

Carly Pope: sexy

Thea Gill: cleavage

Gabrielle Rose: pokies

Canadian Women of Olympic Curling

Cheryl Bernard: silver medallist nude in 2009 calendar everyone is talking about.

Melanie Robillard: side  boob in earlier calendar. She was born in Canada but moved to Germany so she's curling for the krauts.

CBC has pre-empted its programming for the 2010 Winter Olympics, so here are looks at some repeats.

"The Tudors"

Last decade an actress will only show her boobs in a lesbian-themed production. Now it seems to be historical dramas.

Krystin Pellerin: Republic of Doyle star revealing her tater tots.

"The Border"

season 3; episode: "Dark Ride"

Margaryta Lysenko: another webcam slut IDed.

"Dan For Mayor"

This is a post-Corner Gas comedy starting tomorrow Monday on CTV.

Mary Ashton: Dan for Mayor lead in bathing suit second to your left from on old Jeff Ltd episode.

From Quebec...


le saison 4, le episode 8

Sylvie de Morais: underwear performing strip tease

5150, Rue des Ormes


Recently released thriller. Mylene St-Sauveur: sexy only

Bye Bye Mon Cowboy


A very early saucy music video. Mitsou Gelinas: implied nude




Ultra-thin model Freja Beha Erichsen in Purple magazine

Brenda Denaut in Olga's House of Shame


Marisa Feldy in Schoolgirl Report: Part 5

Zoe Wanamaker in Prime Suspect


Film Clips

Well, here's what the internet (and probably most of France) is buzzing about today. La Casta showed up more or less topless at the Cesar Awards. Freakin' awesome. Here's two clips, one backstage and one at the podium. Some nice hi-res material and various collages follow below.


Speaking of Laetitia Casta, here she is in The Maiden and the Wolves

Alessandra Martines in Hasards ou coincidences

Beth Riesgraf in The Summer of My Deflowering

Clothilde Courau and Christine Boisson in En face

Here's Laura de la Uz in The Horn of Plenty (sample below)

And Yoima Valdes, also from The Horn of Plenty (sample below)