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Speaking of Sex

Speaking of Sex (2001) is a direct to vid Canadian ensemble comedy. As the film opens, a girl and her husband are having sex in a motel room when her therapist arrives acting jealously, and then their marriage counselor shows up with a gun intent on shooting at least the therapist and maybe more. The rest of the film is a flashback as to how they got to that state.

Melora Walters and her husband were having problems, mainly due to the fact that his Mr Happy wouldn't rise to the occasion, and he "screwed that cocktail waitress." They decide to see marriage counselor Lara Flynn Boyle. Boyle refers Walters to James Spader for a little one-on-one, but it is obvious that Boyle is more interested in the newly-separated Spader than in her patient. Spader ends up showing Walters that his "Mr. Majestic" is in fine working order, as well as his tongue, in the elevator. Technically, he had never accepted her as a patient. Boyle becomes furious, and gets Walters to sue Spader with the help of Catherine O'Hara. Bill Murray defends him.

The plot is not inherently funny. In fact, the same story told as a courtroom drama or a soap would be humorless. However, this cast saved the project, at least for me. O'Hara was brilliant, and, no surprise, so was Bill Murray. Melora Walters was wonderful as well, and this marks the first time I haven't wanted to bitch-slap James Spader. Maybe he has finally grown up.

Scoopy hated this one. This is not the first time we will have disagreed on a James McNaughton film. He liked Wild Things, and I didn't. While Scoop found the cast inept in this effort, I loved the performances. This was clearly broad farce, and the cast played it in that spirit. I am still chuckling over Bill Murray hiding his erection with his brief case as he leaves the deposition room after Melora Walter's testimony. So there you have it, a split decision.

Scoopy says C- to D, I say solid C. I suppose you are on your own on this one.

IMDb readers say 5.7, indicating some level of acceptance.



Melora Walters shows her left breast, buns, and is seen in a bra and panties.










Country Cuzzins

Today it's part 2 of Rene Bond in "Country Cuzzins. Rene is back in the barnyard with some more furry full-

frontal fun. Then she is off to the city to discover the wonders of modern plumbing.

Caps and three clips.








Lili et le Baobab

Culture clash leads to inner enrichment for a 33 year old French photographer named Lili, who is sent to Senegal to make a report. When she returns to France, the friendship she made with a young African woman eventually helps her find her own way in life.


Romane Bohringer

(Note: there is a slight see-through in the second-last one)










The 2007 Goya Awards

Los Borgia


Con "Los Borgia" termino mi repaso a los premios Goya y aqui te dejo un resumen de los ganadores de todos los premios aqui.

SINOPSIS: Juan (Sergio Muñiz), César (Sergio Peris-Mencheta) y Jofré (Eloy Azorín), los tres hijos de Rodrigo Borgia (Lluis Homar), se dirigen al Vaticano, donde se está celebrando el cónclave para elegir nuevo Papa. Allí se enteran de que su padre, Rodrigo Borgia, acaba de ser elegido pontífice con el nombre de Alejandro VI.

El nuevo Papa sueña con aumentar los territorios del Vaticano de todas las formas posibles. Para ello nombra Capitán de sus ejércitos a Juan, su hijo mayor, y lo casa con María Enríquez, una noble dama española. A su hijo segundo, César, lo nombra Cardenal, y para su única hija, Lucrecia (María Valverde), acuerda el matrimonio con Juan Sforza. Finalmente obliga a Jofré, su hijo pequeño, a casarse con Sancha de Aragón (Linda Batista).

 Pero César quiere ocupar el lugar de su hermano Juan y controlar el ejército. Entre los dos comienza una gran rivalidad. Una noche, los hermanos regresan de una fiesta y Juan se despide de ellos. Al día siguiente, encuentran su cadáver en el río. El dolor de Alejandro es inmenso: era su hijo preferido. Con la muerte de Juan, César deja los hábitos y es nombrado Capitán de los ejércitos. Al frente de ellos conquista los territorios vecinos y, así, se extienden las fronteras del Vaticano. Los sueños de Alejandro VI para iniciar una dinastía han comenzado a cumplirse. Pero los enemigos de los Borgia han ido aumentando con el paso del tiempo. Las antiguas rivalidades germinan convertidas en oscuras tramas que van a poner en peligro la hegemonía de la familia en Roma.

Es una de las superproducciones españolas del 2006 y gran derrotada de los premios Goya ya que no ha ganado ningún premio a los que estaba nominada ganandolos su principal rival: "Alatriste"

Nominada a:

  • Mejor Montaje
  • Mejor Dirección Artística
  • Mejor Dirección de Producción
  • Mejor Diseño de Vestuario



Los Borgia concludes my review of the Goya Awards, You can get a recap of all of the awards here.

Three sons of Rodrigo Borgia go to the Vatican, where the conclave will choose a new Pope. There they find out that their father, Rodrigo Borgia, has been chosen Pontiff with the name of Alexander VI.

The new Pope dreams about increasing the territories of the Vatican. Toward this end, he names his son Juan the captain of his armies and marries him to Maria Enríquez, a noble Spanish lady. He makes his second son Caesar a Cardinal, and marries off his only daughter to Juan Sforza. Finally he forces Jofré, his youngest son, to marry with Sancha de Aragón.

Caesar does not want to be a clergyman and wants instead to take his brother's place as commander of the army. A great rivalry develops between them. One night, the brothers return from a celebration together and the next day Juan's corpse is found floating in the Tiber. Alexander's pain is immense, for Juan was his favorite son. With the death of Juan, Caesar casts away the red vestments and is named the new captain of the armies. He conquers the neighboring territories and the borders of the Vatican extend. The dreams of Alexander to initiate a dynasty have begun to be fulfilled.

But the enemies of the Borgias have been multiplying with the passage of time. The old rivalries germinate dark plots that are going challenge the hegemony of the Borgia family in Rome.

This was one of the epic Spanish productions of 2006, but lost all of its nominations to its rival Alatriste, failing to win even a single award. It was nominated for: 

  • Best Editing
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Set Design
  • Best Costumes

Kate Sanders



Linda Batista









Notes and collages

The Sixth Day

Sarah Wynter

... the director put objects in front of her nudity for the vast majority of this scene...sigh...







Ana Claudia Talancon in Fast Food Nation
Kailin See in Decoys 2
Lindsay Maxwell in Decoys 2
Margherita Donato in Decoys 2
Natalie McFetridge in Decoys 2
Coco Brown in Antikorper
Nina Proll in Antikorper
Adelaide Leroux in Flandres
DawnOlivieri in TheDevilsDen
Joana Preiss in Dans Paris
Maya Zapata in Bordertown
Juliette Lewis in The Darwin Awards






Kristanna Loken and Katherine Moenning in Sunday's The L Word (Film clip here. Sample to the right)

Leisha Hailey and Rose Rollins in Sunday's The L Word (Film clip here. Sample to the right)

From the Vault of Obscurity, Marie Vinck in De Kavijaks. Great figure on this girl. Her mom is an actress, and Marie began her career as a child star.

Jennifer Connelly seems to have her figure back after that dramatic weight loss of a couple years back, as demonstrated in these see-throughs.

Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan. We'll be seeing a lot from this film. This is only the first blush, and not very good quality, but a nice preview of things to come. (Zipped .avi)







Pat's comments in yellow...

For the Oscar telecast, jewelers loaned female stars a total of $30 million worth of diamonds, including 375 carats worth $2 million on Nicole Kidman alone.  Many stars also wore ribbons inspired by the movie "Blood Diamond" to raise awareness of the cruelty of the diamond trade.

*  But only because the ribbons went very well with the diamonds.


Britney Spears reportedly spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to book up an entire wing of the Promises rehab center so paparazzi couldn't get close to her and she wouldn't have to talk to other patients

* That explains everything: she can't AFFORD to stay in rehab for more than a few hours!


While visiting London College, Prince Charles stirred controversy by saying that the key to making Britons healthy is to ban McDonald's

* Go back to good old fashioned organ meat in a pastry crust with blood pudding.