"99 Women"

99 Women (1969) is a Jess Franco women in prison film, and mostly follows the formula. It opens with women being taken to the prison, one innocent. There they encounter a fiendish lesbian warden, a pig of a governor, and have cat fights and sexual encounters with the other inmates. A more humane warden is assigned to the prison, but her influence is in doubt. Eventually, all of this leads to an escape attempt through the jungle.

Where this deviates from the formula is mainly in the ending. It also lacks a shower scene. In fact, there is limited nudity for the genre, especially for a Jess Franco film. It was partially shot in 1969 Spain, however, which was not yet that liberal in terms of censorship. After the film was completed, they shot two additional nude scenes for distribution in other countries. We have breasts and buns from Rosalba Neri, Maria Rohm and Valentina Godoy, as the three women who escape.

Many versions exist, including one that was cut by 20 minutes in Spain, the German release, which is the most complete version, one in which someone else added hard core inserts, and the US release, which had less nudity and some different sequences than the German release. Franco had nothing to do with the hard core version, and is not very happy that it was even made. The Blue Underground release is very well done, and includes alternate version material, an interview with Franco, and sports a very nice transfer. The film did very well at the time, even reaching the Hollywood Variety number one spot. As a WIP film, this is a C-, lacking nudity which is an important aspect of the genre. On the other hand, as a Jess Franco effort, this is very good for him, or a C+.

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